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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 7/18/18

By Ambassador Kael
Tue 17 Jul 2018 04:13:11 PM PDT


  • Phoenix Prize Pack Event:
    • Additions Include:
      • Tier 1:
        • Breen Chel Boalg Warship [T6]
        • Lukari Ho'kuun Science Vessel [T6]
      • Tier 3:
        • Future Flyer Powerboard
        • Crystal Radiation Projector
        • Furiadon Fangs
        • Console - Universal - Interphasic Instability
      • Tier 4:
        • Varel (Doff)
        • Kobali Soldier Uniform
        • Starship Mastery Unlock: Theta Radiation Infused Maneuverer
      • Tier 5:
        • Photonic Tribble 
    • This event will run from 7/18/18 – 7/25/18
  • The model for the Excelsior and the Excelsior Refit has been completely revamped!
    • Advanced Heavy Cruisers can now use Type 8 and Type 8B materials, as well as Type 6 Windows. 
    • Model should update automatically for players who already have this ship but if it does not, placing the ship into the tailor will apply the update.
  • Summer Event:
    • Resolved an issue that caused the "Flying High" mission on Risa to not recognize that the player had already activated their floater. 
    • Baseball Hats can now be worn in the Off Duty uniform category.
    • Deactivating floaters should be more responsive.
    • Deactivating a floater while midair will now cause the player to fall slower than normal. 
  • Resolved an issue which was causing some players to not be able to remove a ship from Dry Dock.
  • The Morphogenic Polaron Energy Weapon can now use both Beam and Cannon tech upgrades. 
  • "Renegade's Regret": Resolved an issue that prevented Jem'Hadar from being able to replay. 
  • Resolved an issue that was potentially causing the Karemma trader to spawn in the ground.
  • Added the Jem’Hadar Neck tubes to all armor drop-downs in the tailor.

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