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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 4/26/18

By Julia (nitocris83)
Wed 25 Apr 2018 04:33:48 PM PDT

New Features:

Kobayashi Maru:


Romulan Imperial Minefield:

  • Captain Nog has requested the help of Captains from all factions to defend a mining asteroid field that is being overrun by Romulan Imperials.



  • Extending Renegade’s Regret as a Featured episode.
    • This will allow players to continue to earn the weekly choice of Specialization Point or Tech Upgrade.
  • Everything Old is New: Slight alterations to behavior of McCoy to prevent certain issus that could hinder mission progression.
  • Khitomer Accord: Adjusted behavior for the final boss so that it should not get into a state where it fully heals in between phases of combat.
  • Resolved an issue which could occasionally cause a crash when in the ship tailor and the player joins a queue.
  • Animation now plays correctly while equipping the Draconian Polearm

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