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Star Trek Online

The Arena of Sompek Returns!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 01 May 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

For four days, from May 3rd at 8:00 AM PT to May 7th at 10:00AM PT, all Captains level 50 and above can queue up for either the timed or untimed version of our 5-captain “Arena of Sompek” event to prove their honor and prowess in combat. Participation in the arena will earn Weekend Event Vouchers. After collecting at least 3 vouchers, players can purchase a new ground weapon, a pair of Tsunkatse Gloves! The new Tsunkatse Gloves allow the user to perform Martial Arts strikes while dealing increased damage. Acquiring the Tsunkatse Gloves unlocks an option with the Tailor, and will allow you to customize their appearance.

We understand how important the cosmetic aspects of Captain’s gloves are, so equipping the Tsunkatse Gloves will not alter the appearance of the gloves you have selected from the Tailor. If you wish for your gloves to look like the Tsunkatse Gloves, you can select them as your “Gloves” option at the Tailor.

To participate and earn Weekend Event Vouchers, queue up for an Arena of Sompek queue – participation will grant you a Weekend Event Voucher, in addition to the normal rewards based on how many rounds you progress.


0-3 Rounds


4-6 Rounds


7-13 Rounds


14-20 Rounds


21-27 Rounds


28-34 Rounds


35-41 Rounds


42-48 Rounds


49-55 Rounds


56+ Rounds



Dilithium rewards will continue scaling as long as you play in the arena, with no upper limit. The following are some early examples:

0-3 Rounds


4-28 Rounds


29-42 Rounds


43-55 Rounds


56-69 Rounds


70-83 Rounds


84-97 Rounds


98-111 Rounds


Crafting Materials

0-3 Rounds


4-6 Rounds

1 Normal Material

7-13 Rounds

2 Normal Materials

14-20 Rounds

1 Normal, 1 Advanced Material

21-34 Rounds

1 Normal, 1 Elite Material

35-48 Rounds

1 Normal, 2 Elite Materials

49-62 Rounds

1 Normal, 3 Elite Materials

63-76 Rounds

1 Normal, 4 Elite Materials

77-90 Rounds

1 Normal, 5 Elite Materials

91+ Rounds

1 Normal, 6 Elite Materials


Be wary, The Arena of Sompek simulation continues to adapt and will provide an even greater challenge from the last!

Gather your friends for this epic event and we'll see you in-game!


Robert Hrouda
Systems Designer
Cryptic Studios


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