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Star Trek Online

Season 5 Dev Blog #45

By admin | Tue 15 May 2012 03:46:41 PM PDT


The fierce Ferasans have joined the Klingon Defense Force!

Starting this Thursday (May 17, 2012), around 10AM PDT, the KDF's new Ferasan playable species and Bridge Officers will be available for sale in the C-Store.

A felinoid species that originated on the planet Ferasa, Ferasans are closely related to Caitians. Ferasans are bipedal, have tails that assist their balance, extended maxillary canine teeth and large eyes with excellent night vision. Their skin is covered with a soft fur coat, and their felinoid ears can pick up frequencies that most humanoids are unable to detect. Some Ferasans have telepathic abilities.

Ferasan Playable Species (600 ZEN)

Unlocking this option allows you to create Klingon Empire Ferasan characters with the following characteristics:

  • Predatory Instincts: 75 percent bonus to Jump Height, +5 bonus to Stealth Perception, 5 percent bonus to Melee Damage, 10 percent bonus to Exploit Damage
  • Three traits of the player's choice


Bonus! If you have unlocked both the Caitian and Ferasan playable species, you will also receive eight face patterns and a Mohawk hair option for both male and female Caitians! Customize your look today!


Note: This playable species is only available as a Klingon Defense Force character. Purchase of this option unlocks Ferasans for every character slot on an account. You must qualify for Klingon play to make a Ferasan character.

Klingon Empire Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisition (500 ZEN)

All Ferasan Bridge Officers have the following traits:

    • Predatory Instincts: bonus to Jump Height, Stealth and Perception, Melee Damage and Exploit Damage • Telepathic: Bonus to Perception and extends duration of Expose • Pounce (Ferasan Tactical Officers only): Lunge power


To claim your Ferasan Bridge Officer, visit a Requisition Officer on Qo'noS.

Note: These Bridge Officers are only available to Klingon Defense Force characters. Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisitions are tradable. To gain additional Ferasan Bridge Officers, you must acquire another Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisition Form. There are male and female options for Tactical, Science and Engineering officers. These officers are not Unique, so you may have multiple Ferasans on your crew.

If you discard, sell, trade or use a Ferasan Bridge Officer for training, you WILL NOT be able to claim a free replacement from the C-Store.

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