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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online April Fools!

By admin | Wed 01 Apr 2009 01:37:16 PM PDT

For the last few months, we at Cryptic have been doing a large number of focus group sessions for Star Trek Online. The data we received from these sessions confirmed what we long suspected... STO was simply too “Hardcore” and “Strategic”.

This data, along with demographic and marketing statistics we gathered, has empowered us to make some pretty drastic, exciting changes.

In a nutshell, we’ve decided to refocus STO in an attempt to woo more “casual” markets. That’s where the numbers are and the numbers don’t lie. The casual market we’re shooting for is largely represented by children, 7 to 14.

Without further ado, we are very proud to announce the new and improved...

Star Trek Babies Online


Screenshot 1

Bringing Star Trek to a new generation of fans is our greatest honor and we hope that the newly revamped Star Trek Online Babies meets the challenge. Full of new, unique, and interesting features, Star Trek Babies Online will be first of many browser-based games to come from this talented team. We know Star Trek fans also enjoy strategy games, so we've included many easily accessible challenges. Play Mini-Checkers, Connect the Galaxy Dots! And, for you little competitive Klingons out there, Gher Dah Four will be just for you. Play your character, complete your challenges, and rise to the rank of admiral! Qapla!

Innovative PVP:

Screenshot 3

PVP at its best with Gher Dah Four. It's the Federation against the Klingons in the ultimate PVP challenge! Connect the four tokens to win honor! Beautiful mini-games such as these are all done using vibrant 2D models to attract our core audience. Never before has a casual game been this much fun! Will you take home the Qapchu’ or will you let the weak, diaper-laden Federation win?


Screenshot 2

We want Star Trek Babies Online to be the best game our team of five can possibly make. We definitely have our customer’s best interests at heart and we do sincerely hope that you enjoy our efforts. We’re very excited and hope to see you in the game when it launches later this year. For now, please do enjoy our all-new screenshots!

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