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Star Trek Online

Join the Official Cryptic IRC Channels!

By admin | Mon 04 May 2009 01:43:23 PM PDT

Wish you could hang out with Cryptic fans all day? Can't get enough of the community? Want to spend time with your favorite developers? Join us on the GameSurge IRC network all day, every day! Talk about the upcoming launch of Champions Online in the #championsonline channel, or discuss what your favorite Star Trek faction is in the #STO channel! Don't know how to join IRC? Keep reading!

The easiest way to connect to IRC is through GameSurge's client at:

Once connected, you can choose your nickname by typing, "/nick <nickname>". From there, you can join any of our channels by typing, "/join <channel>". Our current list of channels are:
  • #STO
  • #championsonline

Don't forget the # symbol!

See you there!

Link to the forum post


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