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Star Trek Online

Ask Cryptic: Klingons Round 3

By admin | Fri 05 Mar 2010 10:50:47 PM PST

Welcome to the 21st installment of Ask Cryptic, where we put the questions you ask to our development team. In this issue we are focusing our discussion on Klingons. Read more to learn about Star Trek Online!

Ripcurl: Cryptic used to be known widely for offering deep customization in their games yet the Klingon side (especially the females) has barely any customization besides the alien species options we borrowed from the Feds creator. So I would like to know if/when we will finally get more customization option love on our side?

You can expect to see more customization to all species in the Klingon Alliance, both male and female, as well as Klingon ships. This will occur with most of the major updates.

Ripcurl: Mek'leth's, when/will/can we have them? Please? The art is already in the game and the NPC's already have animations using them against us, so it doesn't seem like something that would be super hard to give us for some alternatives from each other. Any chances of getting other melee weapon types other species might have used (Nausicaan Energy Lance that's in the art book maybe)?

The short answer is yes. In an upcoming update, we have plans for more mêlée weapons, including mek’leths, more bat’leth variations, lirpa, Nausicaan sword, katana, Andorian ushaan, and more. The Nausicaan energy lance is not a mêlée weapon, but it will be available soon as well.

Rienen: Many Klingon players are concerned about the lack of purpose in the current PVP system and what it means to the future of the Empire. Are there any plans to provide a more meaningful PVP system, such as "Open PvP" zones or capturable systems/planets/starbases that would then provide faction bonuses and rewards for holding?

I don't think it would be likely that we will ever allow the Klingons to invade Earth Space Doc as a random open world event. PvP in STO will always be consensual.

MisterMiracle: The biggest drawback right now to Klingon faction play is a near total lack of immersion. This is in part related to the limited customization options, and in part due to the lack of a strong (or really any) overarching storyline for your Klingon character. The repetitive PVP queuing produces a character more like the protagonist of a shooter than a fully realized RPG. What plans do you have to give players a greater sense of immersion while playing Klingon faction?

Ship customization will start to come out in the next update. More ship and character customization will follow shortly after that. There is also a new tier 2 battle cruiser set for release in the next update. Due to the community’s demand, we are also releasing more PvE content - fleet actions, Special Tasks Forces, Star Clusters and, down the road, unique episodes. Eventually you will be able to play a Klingon character to General with PvE alone.

FrostyJones: If/When new factions are released; will there be larger PvP maps (FvKvRvC for example)?

New factions are being evaluated along with new PvP maps, including 3 sided PvP maps.

BrianDavion: Does Cryptic intend to ever create content where Klingon and federation characters can intermingle outside of PVP, be it raidisodes both sides can partake in together, or a social environment (such as Nimbus III?)

Yes. Look for some pretty soon. : )

HyenaZERO: Female Gorn? Ever?

Probably not.

Chaktak: Will we see any other ships and clothing added to our faction, so an Orion can be made to look like one, and actually be able to fly an Orion ship? Right now the other side races in the Klingon faction seem to be all Klingon step children. And it would add greatly to immersion if the other races were more stand alone, if you know what I mean.

It has been considered, but right now it is more important to offer more customization to the existing Klingon ships. I don’t think Orions, Nausicaans and Gorn are anymore stepchildren to the Klingons then Vulcans, Andorians or Bajorans are to the Federation. That being said, one of the things we want to do is add more ship types at the end game. There is no reason some of those ships can't be Orion, Nausicaan and Gorn ships for the Klingon side.

Lugh: When will that Federation woman be forced to be quiet and a proper Klingons voice becomes my computer?

We have been studying the Klingon computers, and we are close to unraveling the viral matrix that has replaced the voice of the Klingon computer with that of the Federation. Assuming there is no further trickery by the Federation, Klingon Captains should hear more suitable notifications in the near future.

GreatMaker69: Will Cryptic ever have more PVP events like the one at the end of Open Beta?

We have plans for a bunch of new PvP maps and even some PvP events down the line. There are lots of new PvP features, and new space and ground games planned. A persistent territory game is being worked on, but a release date has not yet been determined. We plan on supporting PvP gameplay on a regular basis.

NX02: Could Cryptic add "Klingon themed" music for missions and other environments also Klingon themed fanfare instead of "Starfleet" you win a mission or return to sector space?

We intend to expand our musical offerings as time goes on. As for Klingon-themed fanfares, that is a glorious suggestion. We will indeed take this under consideration with the High Council.


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