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Star Trek Online

The Privateer Lockbox!

By Ambassador Kael | Fri 21 Apr 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT

As exploration efforts reveal new dangers, the Alliance is expanding its research and development focus to meet and overcome these challenges.  These scientific efforts often go beyond studies of the tech used by Alliance member states. Researchers are actively studying the tech of non-member groups and cultures, such as the Miradorn. Even the tech of a species long thought lost – the Husnock - has been examined in detail.  As new developments and advancements are discovered, the results are made available to the captains of ships on the frontier.


There are a lot of gadgets and tools in Star Trek: The Next Generation that belong to no particular faction, but nevertheless are very intriguing. The new Privateer Lock Box embodies a core universal, factionless theme that contains ships, weapons, kit modules, and traits. We felt that grouping together a lock box around non-faction and one-off tech from The Next Generation would make for some interesting new gadgets for players to use. With the 30 year anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation approaching, the timing for the Privateer Lock Box couldn’t have been better.


The Privateer Lock Box’s Grand Prize is a Miradorn Theta Class Heavy Raider [T6].  The Miradorn specialize in nimble, fast-striking starships. This small vessel can stand up to other, larger ships in battle thanks to a potent weapon suite and proprietary electronic baffling technology that can blind enemy sensors and knock their engines offline.

The Miradorn Theta Class Heavy Raider comes equipped with the Miradorn Sensor Baffler, which provides a passive boost to Critical Hit Chance and Defense. When this console's ability is activated, your starship will release a powerful electromagnetic pulse that will placate nearby foes, preventing them from being able to attack you, as well as knocking their engines offline. Also, you will gain a Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Severity bonus for a short time. Additionally, any flanking damage buffs you receive from Intel Flanking or Raider Flanking is increased.

After achieving Level 5 in your Miradorn Theta Class Heavy Raider [T6], you will unlock the Advantageous Positioning Starship Trait. While this starship trait is slotted, your weapons have increased armor penetration while attacking your target's rear arc.

Captains may also purchase the Husnock Warship [T6] from the Lobi Store. The Husnock Warship comes equipped with the Heavy Particle Emitter Array Universal Console. When this ability is activated, it will fire a burst of particle beams at its target. Particle beams deal electrical damage and bypass a portion of the target's shields. The Heavy Particle Emitter Array will gain 1 charge every 30 seconds (for a maximum of 4 charges). Activating this ability will consume all charges and fire a number of beams at the target based on the number of charges consumed. Additionally, particle beam damage increases with each charge consumed.

After achieving Level 5 in your Husnock Warship [T6], you will unlock the Directed Energy Flux Starship Trait. While slotted, activating any Temporal Operative Bridge Officer Ability or the Directed Energy Modulation Ability will boost the damage of Cannon: Rapid Fire, Surgical Strikes and Reroute Reserves to Weapons for a short time.

(Additional information on the above starships will be contained in a separate Developer Blog.)


A special console can be acquired from the Privateer Lock Box as well: The Defensive Drone Guardians Universal Console. When activated, 4 Guardian drones will follow the player’s ship for 60 seconds, actively shooting Disruptor Weapons at any enemy within 5 kilometers. These drones are specially built to utilize Fire At Will for the entirety of their life-span before burning out. It also features a passive Cooldown reduction on all Bridge Officer Abilities, and an increase to flight speed and maneuverability.


There are many other prizes within the Privateer Lock Box for players to acquire, such as R&D Packs, Boosts, and other assorted items.

Captains may also find Privateer Kit Module packs. These Kit Modules are universal, and can be used by any class.

  • Holographic Deceiver
    • Deploys a Holographic Deceiver in the form of Ardra, which taunts nearby enemies. The Deceiver generates a damaging feedback pulse, causing a portion of damage to reflect back at attackers.
  • Stabilized Folded-Space Transporter
    • Activating the Stabilized Folded-Space Transporter will quickly relocate the Captain into an advantageous position behind the target. Upon arrival, you will gain enhanced Critical Chance and Critical Severity for a brief period while the target is momentarily placated.
  • Echo Papa 607 Drone System
    • Activates the Echo Papa 607 Drone System. Each drone that is destroyed sends combat information back to the System Controller. As long as the System is active, a new enhanced drone will replace the fallen drone, until the drone has reached a perfected state. The System is active for 60 seconds, and then is given a forced cooldown due in large part to the Minosian Incident of 2364.
    • Each Drone is equipped with a primary Disruptor Beam. After Mk. II, Drones gain a secondary Wide Angle Beam. After Mk. III, Drones gain a stasis field. Every Mark (up to a maximum of MK.V) progression increases the power of the unit's primary and secondary attacks.

Additionally, the Privateer Lock Box has new Ground and Space weapons within the Privateer Disruptor Weapons Pack. This box contains weapons that utilize advanced Disruptor technology powered by Krieger Waves. Ground Weapons use a special converter that has a chance to transfer its excess power to your kit modules to increase Kit Readiness and Performance. Space Disruptors are powered from a Krieger Wave Converter, resulting in a unique disruptor that has the potential to enhance a ship's systems involved in Drain and Control capabilities. Opening this pack will give a choice between a random Beam, Cannon, or Ground Weapon.


New Starship Traits are also available within the Privateer Lock Box.

  • Punch It!
    • When you suffer damage below 50% Hull Strength, an emergency response is triggered. Nearby enemy combatants within 5km will have their Engines and Weapons knocked offline, while your ship has all Control Debuffs removed, and gains a boost to defense and Mobility for a brief period.
  • Recycled Power Conduits
    • While this trait is slotted, activating a Control Bridge Officer ability will reduce your target's Auxiliary and Weapon Power Levels, while enhancing your own Weapons and Auxiliary Power Levels and Weapon Firing Speed for a short duration.
  • A Parting Gift
    • While this trait is slotted, Tractor Beam reduces the target's damage resistance and will leave behind a warhead that detonates after a few seconds, knocking engines offline for a brief period.


New Captain’s Traits are also available within the Privateer Lock Box. They are universal and available to all species.

  • Ground Trait: Spring In My Step
    • While this trait is slotted, activating a Control ability on an enemy will provide a boost to your Movement Speed for a short period of time.
  • Ground: Privateer’s Luck
    • When you take damage while your shields are below 10% capacity, gain bonus Dodge and Immunity to Control Debuffs for a short duration.
  • Ground: Rogue’s Charm
    • Rogue's Charm has a chance to make you briefly un-targetable by the enemy who attacks you.
  • Space: Fulcrum Shift
    • While this trait is slotted, activating a control Bridge Officer ability will provide a boost to your Flight Speed and Turn Rate for a short period of time.
  • Space: Cyclical Power Capacitors
    • Each time an Energy Drain or Shield Drain Bridge Officer ability is activated, you will gain a boost to Starship Drain Expertise skills for a short duration. This skill buff stacks up to 5 times, and refreshes with each additional stack.
  • Space: Smuggler’s Luck
    • When a shield facing is at zero capacity, gain Defense Rating and Immunity to Control Debuffs for a short duration.


The Lobi Store also has a new set of Space equipment available for purchase: The Saboteur's Gambits 3-piece set.

  • Saboteur's Supercharger Universal Console
    • The Saboteur's Supercharger Universal Console routes additional energy to weapon Subsystems when any of the target's subsystems are knocked offline, increasing your weapon armor penetration against them. Slotting this console also grants an increase to Drain and Control Expertise.   
  • Saboteur Delivery Vehicle Photon Torpedo
    • The Saboteur Delivery Vehicle Photon Torpedo is based on the concept of a converted Klingon Probe once used to deliver an Emissary. The Saboteur Delivery Vehicle is slightly larger than normal Photon Torpedoes in order to make room for a single occupant with a high strength locator and precision explosive device. The torpedo acts as a breaching mechanism, allowing for the lone saboteur to infiltrate the enemy ship and attempt to shut down a nearby subsystem before being beamed back to safety.
  • Saboteur's  Disruptor Weapon (Either a Beam Array or a Dual Cannon)
    • The Saboteur's Disruptor Weapon is powered by Krieger Wave based technology. As the weapon is fired, an additional spare battery captures some of the residual thermal energy. Once the battery reaches full capacity, it flushes the energy to your ship's Subsystems, granting additional power for a short duration.
  • 2-Piece Set Bonus:
    • Bonus Drain and Control Expertise.
  • 3-Piece Set Bonus:
    • High Yield's Saboteur's Delivery Vehicle is rigged with a time delayed explosive.


Privateer's Combat Armor is also available in the Lobi Store. It provides the wearer with a small amount of resistance in exchange for increased Dodge capabilities and Kit Module utility. It comes equipped with a Holographic Distraction Device that emulates the wearer's appearance, which, when activated, relocates the wearer and creates a distracting holographic clone.


Finally, the Privateer Outfit is available for Captains to purchase and wear. This attire was modeled after the outfit worn by the notorious artifact smuggler Galen during 2370.

Want to see the ships of the Privateer Lock Box in action? Community Manager Ambassador Kael will be hosting a live stream with Lead Ship and UI Artist Thomas Marrone and Senior Artist Mauricio Tejerina to debut the brand new ships on Monday,  April 24th, at 4pm PST. You can watch it on our Facebook Page or on our Twitch Channel!

The Privateer Lock Box, as well as the additional Lobi Store entries, will be coming to PC in the near future.


Robert “CrypticRidi” Hrouda
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online



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