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Star Trek Online

The Artisanal Sonification System is Here

By Ambassador Kael | Sat 01 Apr 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT



(Happy April Fool's, everybody. We hope you had as much fun with the Artisanal Sonofication System as we had making it.) 


The future of Star Trek is full of wonderful goods brought to life by replicators, and new technologies every day. The items you can get delivered to you through automation are almost magical, but you know, deep in your heart, that there’s something missing. The cold, metallic spaces of the 25th Century lack the artistry that can only come with something that is truly handmade and organic. The best replicator can’t compare to a home brewed cup of Earl Grey, and the finest music comes from instruments made with love.

That’s why, here at Star Trek Online, we’ve decided to take give you a new system made with nothing but love. Starting today, you’ll notice a difference in our in game sound FX. They’ll sound truer and more harmonious. That’s because we’ve replaced our traditional sound FX with the Artisanal Sonification System. As the true effect of this new, glorious expansion to Star Trek Online washes over your ears, you’ll feel what Captain Kirk would have felt standing on the bridge of the Enterprise for the first time.

Many of us started our days of Star Trek fandom as children, playing in the yard with our toy starships. With this latest update, and the Artisanal Sonification System, we’ve found a way to recapture that magic for each and every one of you. Captains, you’re welcome, and we’ll see you in game.


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