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Star Trek Online

The Arena of Sompek Rewards!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 23 Feb 2017 10:48:16 AM PST

The Arena of Sompek has arrived, and Captains from across the galaxy are testing their mettle inside this twisted game of steel, fire, lightning and endless enemies. But what is it all for? Read on to discover the rewards players can gain for dedicating themselves to Sompek.

Here are the rewards Captains can expect, depending on the rounds they complete.


0-3 Rounds NOTHING
4-6 Rounds 10
7-13 Rounds 20
14-20 Rounds 35
21-27 Rounds 55
28-34 Rounds 80
35-41 Rounds 100
42-55 Rounds 115
56-62 Rounds 125
63+ Rounds 130


0-3 Rounds NOTHING
4-28 Rounds 480
29-42 Rounds 960
43-56 Rounds 1680
57-70 Rounds 2400
71-84 Rounds 3120
85-98 Rounds 3840
99-112 Rounds 4560

Crafting Materials

0-3 Rounds NOTHING
4-6 Rounds 1 Normal Material
7-13 Rounds 2 Normal Materials
14-20 Rounds 1 Normal, 1 Advanced Material
21-34 Rounds 1 Normal, 1 Elite Material
35-48 Rounds 1 Normal, 2 Elite Materials
49-62 Rounds 1 Normal, 3 Elite Materials
63-76 Rounds 1 Normal, 4 Elite Materials
77-90 Rounds 1 Normal, 5 Elite Materials
91+ Rounds 1 Normal, 6 Elite Materials



Captains will earn two new titles for every seven rounds of the Arena they complete, and two final titles for reaching the 70th round.

Arena Weekend Vouchers

Passing round four in the arena will grant Captains a voucher once per day that can be applied toward a special reward: The Sompek Lightning Universal Kit Module. This powerful module calls down the Arena lightning strike for captains in the field!

Enter the Arena Captains, great rewards await you.

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