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Star Trek Online

The Tholian Lock Box

By PWE_BranFlakes | Thu 09 Aug 2012 02:00:15 PM PDT

Tholian Lock Box

Upon opening a Tholian Lock Box, you will randomly receive ONE of the items from the following list AND a random amount of Lobi Crystals [minimum of four (4)]:

Tholian Orb Weaver Class Starship

Cross-Faction Starship Console

Mirror Universe Ship Pack
[only ONE (1) of the following, faction specific]

Tholian Warfare Specialists [only ONE (1) of the following] 

Large Fleet Credit Bonus Pool

Fleet Credit Bonus Pool

Phased Tetryon Weapon Pack

Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Mini-Pack

Standard Duty Officer Mini-Pack

A detailed description of each of these items can be found in our FAQ here.

Remember! A Master Key is required to open the Tholian Lock Box. They are available in single and 10-packs here in the C-Store.


Lobi Store

The Lobi store was recently updated with a brand-new assortment of items. Use the Lobi Crystals that you receive from opening a Tholian (or Ferengi) Lock Box to purchase the following items:

Tholian Recluse Carrier

Tholian Widow Fighter Ship

Tholian Silk Robe

Crystalline Nanofiber Augmentations

Tholian Silk Scarf

Tholian Crystalline Sword

Tholian Widow Fighter Pet

Mirror Universe Delta Flyer Pet

Arachnid Companion

Nanocrystal Cell - Acoustic Amplification Circuit

Radiation Resistance Hypo

Tholian Radiation Crystal

Tholian Web Grenade

In addition to the above Lobi store items, Individual Combo Batteries and Individual Combat modules are available to purchase for only 1 Lobi Crystal each! Team Combo Batteries and Team Combat Modules are also available for only 2 Lobi Crystals each.

A detailed description of each of these items can be found in our FAQ here.

You can access the Lobi store by double-clicking on a Lobi Crystal in your inventory or by visiting Drozana Station (Eta Eridani Sector Block) and speaking with the Ferengi merchant near the beam-in point.

Link to the forum post

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