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Star Trek Online

Season 7 Dev Blog #14

By PWE_BranFlakes | Mon 05 Nov 2012 12:00:34 PM PST

The Vault: Ensnared

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game

Incoming message from Obisek, leader of the Reman resistance…

While many of our forces are defending our new colony world, we must maintain a presence here at the Vault and defend it from the Tholian threat. We thought that they wanted to plunder and strip it of its technology and weapons but new evidence reveals that the situation is even worse. The Tholians aren't trying to steal the Vault's secrets... they want the Vault itself!

Tholian Vault Weavers are trying to construct a web around the space station. If they were to succeed, they could initiate a reaction that would pull the Vault out of our dimension. We absolutely cannot allow this!

My ships are fighting the Tholians, but they are badly outnumbered. We need you to help as many of them as you can so we can join you to defend the Vault. Please send reinforcements before it’s too late.

Obisek out.

In this 5-captain space event, players will team up and attempt to save the Vault from an impending threat. To do so, they must prevent Tholians from constructing a web around the Vault while destroying as many of their ships as possible. Rewards will be given out based on keeping the web from being built and how many Remans are saved.

Along with earning Fleet Marks, players will also be awarded with Romulan Marks – these are used in the Reputation System that we provided an overview for in this Dev Blog.

To participate, use the PvE Queue to join either a public or private queue. "The Vault: Ensnared" is a space event that is always available, but if you play during certain hourly events (calendar updates to be announced at a later date), you will earn even more rewards.

We’ll see you in-game and in the queues for "The Vault: Ensnared" when it launches with Season 7: New Romulus!

Chris Dods
Content Designer
Star Trek Online


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