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Star Trek Online

Season 7 Dev Blog #15

By PWE_BranFlakes | Tue 06 Nov 2012 12:00:16 PM PST

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From: Woldan, son of J’rek

To: Ja’rod of the House of Duras

The Romulan is here. He will address the full High Council later today.

I spoke to this D’Tan upon his arrival. He is a man of admirable dedication, but he is no warrior. He thinks he can change the Romulans with words.

Words are meaningless. Without strength, they are empty air. The buzzing of a glob fly has more importance.

The Tal Shiar is in chaos after the loss of Hakeev, but they will still fight to maintain their control of the Romulans. Fear and secrecy are their weapons, and those are the very things D’Tan seeks to strip away.

The Tal Shiar cannot be wished into oblivion. There will be blood. It may be D’Tan’s.

He is here to ask the High Council for the Empire’s support for his venture. I intend to back his request. I trust that the House of Duras will as well.

On the surface it seems laughable. In this case, however, it is a great opportunity.

D’Tan is correct on one point. The Romulans cannot continue as they have. Like the damned half-men of the Borg, they must adapt or die. D’Tan and his followers would choose peace. The Tal Shiar will go screaming into the long night, slashing at anyone who approaches like a wounded beast.

Do not revel in their downfall, my friend. If we had not swallowed our pride and allied with the Federation after the destruction of Praxis, we would have faced every trial the Romulans have suffered – and more.

By supporting the new Romulan colony, we conquer one of our greatest foes without a single blow. We gain their friendship, and later perhaps their loyalty. We solidify our relationship with the Remans. And we still retain the chance for combat and glory – the Romulans are not in a position to fight their own battles. They will need our ships to defend them from the Tal Shiar and the Tholians.

We are reaching a turning point in history. Kahless said it was better to lose one battle than to lose an empire. I would say it is better to forego one war to win a greater one.

J’mpok will keep the Empire at odds with Starfleet as long as he can. His greatest fear is that the Empire will be dominated by the Federation. But it is not Starfleet we need fear. It is the Iconians.

We know the Iconians are coming. We know their eyes are fixed on the Romulans. The Empire must be ready – for whatever may come.


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