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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Release Notes: July 21st 2016

By Amanda | Wed 20 Jul 2016 04:20:05 PM PDT

New Ground Queue: Miner Instabilities



  • Several consumables previously only available on the Lobi Crystal Store have been added to the Dilithium Store.
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally the Kelvin Timeline ships displayed incorrect faction FX when warping in and out.
  • Added a new TOS hypo spray where applicable with 23rd Century Science NPCs and powers.
  • Added missing reputation accolade icon T5 TDI "Temporal Defense Initiative".
  • Added missing ground and space gear category icons for Klingons in the Temporal Reputation.
  • Resolved an issue where Nausicaan Stinger Fighters did not have the appropriate image in the carrier UI.
  • Resolved an issue where the Ferengi Dance played the Samba animation.
  • Resolved minor animation issues for petting a Tribble, Evasive Maneuvers, and sitting on chairs on Risa.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Undine Hand cannon to not play its beam FX. 
  • Replaced the name "Mike" with "Mika" in the random female human first name list.
  • 23rd Century Icon will now display when clicking on a 23rd Century Captain.
  • Updated the Kelvin ground weapon proc to look more orange.
  • Players will once again dance when a Party Bomb is deployed.
  • Resolved an issue where ships were turning randomly when interacting in space maps.



  • Resolved an issue with Agents of Yesterday missions being available from contacts before they were unlocked in the mission journal.
  • The rewards for the queues Days of Doom and Procyon 5 have been increased to be more in line with rewards from queues released prior to Agents of Yesterday.
  • 23rd Century Captain Tutorial:
    • All crew members should now have Pioneer badges on the ship.
    • Resolved an issue where the electricity FX would sometimes not display on each door on the planet map.
    • Resolved an issue where occasionally the NPCs would not spawn in some parts of the mission.
  • Return to Babel:
    • Resolved an issue where Bridge Officers would reset their position to the armory when the player stood still on the U.S.S. Enterprise Deck 11.
    • Resolved an issue where a sliding door was slightly misaligned.
    • Resolved a number of small gaps in the collision of the ground maps.
    • Resolved an issue where there was duplicate VO and Bridge Officers present in the Engineering cutscene.
    • Resolved an issue where occasionally players would spawn outside the map if in a team.
  • Painful Omens:
    • Resolved an issue where some mini contact VO overlapped with each other.
    • Daniels now has beam out animation.
    • Resolved an issue where auto-navigation would not drop the player off at the right starting point.
  • Ragnorak:
    • Resolved an issue where the final cutscene had incorrect art in the background on the space station.
    • Resolved an issue where occasionally, NPCs would be standing on chairs in the first cutscene.
  • Updated the Nakuhl Red Alert so that it is active all the time.
    • In the Delta Quadrant the alert will activate then have a 5 to 15 minute cooldown.
    • In the Alpha Quadrant the alert is split between Borg and Na’kuhl and has a 5 minute cooldown.
    • In the Beta Quadrant the alert is randomly cycled between Borg, Tholian, and Na’kuhl with a 5 minute cooldown.
  • Galorndon Core:
    • Resolved an issue where required interacts were only available to the first player which interacted with them.
    • Resolved an issue where in game combat was still going on during a cutscene.
  • Battle of Caleb IV: Resolved an issue where there was a minor audio/text mismatch from the Logistics Officer at the end of the episode.
  • Shadow of Cestus: Resolved an issue with floating rocks on the map.
  • Resolved an issue where “The Once and Future Agent” mission was completing for all players on a map that had the mission when one player completed it.
  • Past Imperfect: B’Vat no longer spawns in as a random female NPC.
  • Resolved an issue where much of the environment was missing for the Xarantine Research Lab.
  • Resolved an issue where Officers on the Bridge Floor of the Constitution Bridge (2267) weren’t wearing 23rd Century uniforms.
  • Added VO for the EV Suit tutorial in Tangled Webs.
  • Resolved an issue where the Elite version of Days of Doom was available before being a level 60 captain.
  • Resolved issue in numerous places where contacts were not centered correctly in contact windows.
  • Resolved an issue where the “In Progress” tab of the journal incorrectly categorized the new TOS themed missions as “Agents of Yesteryear” instead of the correct “Agents of Yesterday”.
  • Added Signage "Welcome to Earth Space Dock" and populated the bar with drinks in the 23rd Century ESD.



  • Increased assignment cooldown on "Turn In Contraband" assignments from 4 hours to 20 hours.
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing "Eat My Dust" to trigger from attacks on left and right shield facings in addition to rear shield facings.
    • Only hits to the rear 90-degrees should trigger this effect.
  • Temporal Defense Initiative:
    • Resolved an issue where Tier IV referenced some Terran Task Force items. 
  • Temporal Agent: Tier 5 Account-Wide Reputation Reward now rewards the contents listed on the package's description.
  • Resolved an issue where Temporal Defense Chroniton Torpedos were coming from boxes as BindtoAccountonEquip.
    • Any existing torpedos will remain with the different bind rule.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing 23rd Century Vulcans to have a slotted "Physical Strength" Trait that could not be removed.
    • This trait is part of their default "Vulcan" trait package, and should not take up a slot. 
  • Destabilizing Phase Array now has a 100% chance to proc.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing 23rd Century Captains and bridge crew to summon Disruptor Turrets when using Phaser Turret Fabrication. 
  • Resolved a tooltip error that was causing all Exploit Attacks to list an additional knockback effect, which was inaccurate.
  • Resolved an issue with the Fleet Starbase project "Perform Tactical Exercises V" that caused the listed Duty Officer requirements to not match up with viable donation allowances.
    • This project now accepts Duty Officers from both Security and Tactical departments, in both listed requirements.
  • Duty Officer Assignment items such as Holonovel Fragments may now be activated while on Event maps.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Tarsi and Skavrin to have incorrect racial Traits that their species does not have access to:
    • Tarsi has lost Leadership and Teamwork, and now has Fury and Acute Senses.
    • Skavrin has lost Corrosive Blood and now has Pig Headed.
  • Boolean Heavy Assault Cannon is subject to Borg Adaptation.
  • Twin Phaser Beam Array [CrtH] [Dmg], which are pre-equipped on the TOS Constitution, now display a Leveless Icon. 
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Extend Shields from activating Expedient Repairs.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Expose Chances, if present, to be cut in half on some Kit Module abilities. 
  • Resolved an issue that allowed all Na'kuhl Duty Officers to temporarily benefit from a 99% proc rate, instead of the intended 20%.
  • Resolved an issue where the Vorgon Xyfus was shooting from incorrect points with Dual Beam Bank weapons.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing all stacks of Highly Specialized Starship Trait to be removed when the duration of Hold Together (Pilot) expired. 
  • Updated description of Kelvin Lock Box to list "Expedient Repairs" space trait. 
  • The reward packs for Expedient Care and Expedient Repairs now clarify that they affect both Health/Hull and Shield Healing.
  • The Tier 3 Temporal Escort's Admiralty Card is now correctly a TacShip.
  • Tier 6 Fleet Temporal starships now have the correct registry limits.
  • Resolved a typo that indicated the Trellium-D Plating Console increased Engine Power, rather than correctly indicating that it increases Shield Power.
  • Recursive Affliction and Recursive Shearing may no longer be activated if the target is already under the effects of this power from an allied target.
    • This restriction had to be added in order for the ability to function as designed.
    • Added this restriction to the long description on both of these abilities. 
  • Resolved an issue where Personal Covariant Shields were turning into Sniper Rifles when they were upgraded.
  • Resolved an issue with the Mining Drill Laser Console that would occasionally cause it to have excessively long recharge times.
  • Revamped the Class F shuttle player costume to be much more accurate and made the TOS material available to it by default.
    • All existing materials are still available.
    • Players may need to visit the tailor and choose the "Galileo" present to see the updated TOS Decals.


  • The correct 23rd Century costume pieces unlock upon completing The Battle of Caleb IV including:
    • TOS Gorn Head
    • TOS Klingon Head
    • TOS Klingon costumes
    • TOS Tellarite Head
    • TOS Andorian head
    • TOS Tellarite costume
  • New Woven Hair option is available for the following female species:
    • Aliengen
    • Aenar
    • Andorian
    • Bajoran
    • Human
    • Orion
    • Pakled
    • Romulan
    • Tellarite
    • Trill
    • Vulcan
  • 23rd Century Klingon costume parts are now available freely to all Klingon Captains.
  • Resolved an issue that was not allowing 23rd Century Bridge Officer from wearing ranks past Lt. JG.
  • Resolved an issue where Scar and tattoo placement was not functioning correctly in the character creator.
  • Eyeliner "tattoo - flair" now appears in the proper location.
  • Color options have been made more consistent for the Terran TF Armor.
  • Minimized clipping on the Elegant Jacket for Females.
  • Klingon females should no longer be missing a chest when wearing the Dyson Sphere Engineering Jacket.
  • ‘Color 2nd choice’ color palette added to the Terran Male Jupiter jackets.
  • Mirror Klingon Uppers now scale and animation correctly.
  • Chest should no longer clip for the Female Miner Upper #2.
  • Resolved a miner art issue on the back of the Female Intel Upper.
  • Made the Mercenary Female Upper available in the Uniform Jacket Loose category.
  • TOS Klingon Upper 2 will show the appropriate chest for Caitians and Feresans.
  • Resolved an issue where Kelvin Klingon parts could occasionally link when changing color options.
  • Updated an older Scotty uniform that was not updated with new art when Agents of Yesterday launched.
  • Resolved an issue where 23rd Century Captains would not have the correct outfit on while playing the episode “Temporal Ambassador”.


  • Resolved an issue in which pressing the Toggle Shooter Mode key would not actually toggle in or out of shooter mode, and would require a second key press.
    • Opening UI windows no longer takes the player out of Shooter Mode, but still gives access to the mouse cursor while the window is open.
  • Resolved an issue where changes made to ship name and registration did not appear on the status UI.
  • Added some missing ship UI textures:
    • Carrier UI icons for Nausicaan Stinger fighters
    • HP pogs for T5U Orion Marauder Flight Deck Cruiser, T5U Elachi Escort, T5U Fleet Research Science Vessel, T5U Fleet Patrol Escort Refit.
  • Added Exchange category for Temporal Operative training manuals.
  • The option “Switch to Static Stance” functions again in the tailor.
  • Resolved an issue where the Clear Button did not function in the Keybind Options.


Known Issues:

  • When crouching while wearing the 23rd Century EV Suit, a helmet piece will float above the captain’s head.
  • The Bortasqu’ Long Jacket clips through legs when sprinting.
  • Caitians and Ferasans are missing the Helmets and Hats category.
  • The TOS Gorn outfit does not unlock once completing the episode “Battle of Caleb IV”.

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