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Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant Diaries: Amber #2

By Fero | Thu 06 Sep 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

This damn heat ain’t lettin’ up. Everything’s dried out – the soil, the river…us. Ma and I ain’t found water in days. And if that weren’t enough to worry about – the water gone spoiled in one of the barrels and the other ain’t more than a third full.

If only yesterday’s thunderstorm had brought some rain. We seen some dark clouds in the sky and got to hopin’. But not a single drop fell. Lightning stroke up a tree – or something – in the west. Sky was lit up orange all night. Might have been the area I set traps to the other day. Far enough not to be a threat but too close to ignore. Those traps are likely ruined but I just hope Jake wasn’t there - hell I hope nobody was… except maybe them deadwood. The more the better if so.

Pop says we might need to move soon if we can’t get water. Ma’s face went white when he said that. She’s scared to death but Pop’s right. We can’t stay if ain’t nothing to drink and wildfire kickin’ up in the west. We packed up all we need tonight. If the wind changes or ain’t no rain we can leave any time but we ain’t sure where to go.

Sure as hurt we won’t follow the Old Highway. That only leads to the old city… way too dangerous. You’d have to be out your mind to get within shoutin’ distance of that place. Ma and Pops were talking last night when they thought I weren’t listening. They think we could head to the big lake up north. Fixin’ to be about five days walk for Pops and me… but with Ma? Heck it’d take a week or more. She’s slow now ever since her accident last winter. A week at best and even when (or if) we get there, not sure there’d still be water at that old hole.

If there is… who or what else might have had the same idea?



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