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Dragon's Conquest Tournament Ranking

By enelimm | Thu 26 May 2016 06:24:28 AM PDT

The dust has cleared and the time has come!

Ladies and gentlemen, PWI are proud to present your winners from the first Spring Seasonal Dragons’ Conquest Tournament! Thank you everyone for participating, and despite some bumps in the road, this was a good tournament!

Without further ado, your winners!



Champion Faction: (★★★Crest of Dominator * 5) (Medal of Glory * 30) (Seal of War * 400) (War Avatar Chest A * 30) (Conflagration Dragon Mount * 1)

Second Place Faction: (★★★Crest of Dominator * 2) (Medal of Glory * 20) (Seal of War * 400) (War Avatar Chest A * 20)

Third Place Faction: (★★★Crest of Dominator * 1) (Medal of Glory * 20) (Seal of War * 400) (War Avatar Chest A * 10)

4th - 10th Place Faction: (Medal of Glory * 15) (Seal of War * 300)

11th - 20thPlace Faction: (Medal of Glory * 10) (Seal of War * 200)

Prizes will be sent out to our victorious factions very soon!


Thank you again everyone, and we look forward to seeing you in our Summer Seasonal Tournament!


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