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Uncharted Paradise #1

By enelimm
Mon 28 Mar 2016 09:00:00 AM PDT


Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

With PWI’s latest upcoming expansion, Elysium, we will be opening the doors to the most difficult dungeon yet. Get ready for Uncharted Paradise!

Not your average dungeon

Uncharted Paradise once was a prosperous village until Pan Gu flooded the world. Now, it’s destroyed and divided into seven pieces, each ruled by a powerful Guardian.  All you need to do is gain entry into the Uncharted Paradise, and defeat five of the Guardians and collect the spoils of war. Sounds easy enough?

If you said yes, you would be wrong. Things are never that easy in the Uncharted Paradise. Each dungeon run consists of five challenges, the first and last will always be the same, but the three challenges in the middle will be at random. You never know what you are in for once you step foot on this paradise.

Not for the faint at heart

The entrance to Uncharted Paradise is located in the Primal World. It can be reached by taking to Swordsman Zenray at the top of the Shoka Sanctuary at 493, 456. You must be level 100 and have reached at least Astral Sky X to enter, and it requires 10 players to complete.

Fair warning to everyone, we have received reports from our headquarters in China that even their strongest players are having incredible difficulty in completing the challenges that lay in store. If you think you have what it takes, step into this Uncharted Paradise. Complete it and the rewards beyond your wildest dreams await you!


We hope you enjoyed this preview of Uncharted Paradise! Tune in next time when we take a look at the challenges that are in store for you! All of this and more will be waiting when we open the gates to Elysium soon!

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