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Weekly Sales

By Fero
Wed 10 Feb 2016 10:00:00 AM PST

The Lunar New Year is here! Take a look at some of the new stuff we’ve added and the goodies we’ve marked down in the PWI Boutique!


Chance Packs

Prismatic Scale

What better way to celebrate the New Year than giving the gift of the Igneous Firedrake!


Crown of Sochi

A jeweled chest from the vault of the legendary King Sochi.
May contain a Colored Deer mount.

We’ve brought one of you favorite chance packs back for a limited time!


Dragon’s Fire Pack

Yields a random number of 1-5 Star Dragon Orb(s)
or the coveted Dragon Orb Flame (Refinement +12).

This pack is available from 2/11 to 2/13


Limited Time Fashion

We’ve added some new fashion sets to the Boutique! Check out our Woodlands and Mascot Fashion Sets! We have also marked down the Pearl Blossom Fashion Set to get your swag on for the upcoming festivities!

*Please Note: The Woodland Fashion Set cannot be dyed.

New Items!

Light the candle in your heart with our new romantic fireworks!


Special Item Sales

Check out these items we’ve marked down this week! Be sure to stock up while you can!


War Front Supply Crate

Tired of leveling? Our War Supply Crate is back at a new discounted price!


Perfect Pink Pigment / Perfect Pink Pigment (10)
Take it to a seamstress to dye your clothes Perfect Pink.


Violet Red Pigment / Violet Red Pigment (10)
Take it to a seamstress to dye your clothes Violet Red


Fuchsia Pigment / Fuchsia Pigment (10)
Take it to a seamstress to dye your clothes Fuchsia


Pink Pigment / Pink Pigment (10)
Take it to a seamstress to dye your clothes Pink.


Magenta Pigment / Magenta Pigment (10)
Take it to a seamstress to dye your clothes Magenta.


Faction Rename Stone
Bring this stone to the Faction Supervisor in Archosaur
to change your Faction's name.


Accessory Socket Stone
Item for adding sockets onto Accessories.
Usable at any PW Boutique Agent.


Astrobana Pearl Lv. 2 / Lv. 3
Empowered with strong astral souls.
Can be infused into a Star Chart by conducting Astral Infusion.


Illusionary Crystal
Right-click to get 177530935 EXP and 40121991 Spirit;
this will boost a level 1 character to level 95.
Unusable by Reawakened characters.

Available only from 2/11 to 2/13


Special Valentine’s Day Sale

Love is in the air! Pick up our special Prince and Princess Fashion and woo the love of your life in style!




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