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Dragons' Conquest Announcement

By SheepClouds | Tue 02 Feb 2016 12:10:00 PM PST


The din of war drums can be heard from miles away, smoke peppers the horizon, and battle is upon us once more. This time, a dark shadow splays across the land. This time, our heroes will be tested. This time… Dragons!

The PWI Crew is pleased to announce, Dragons’ Conquest!

Dragon’s Conquest is a new Cross Server Guild War beginning every Saturday at 11am PST. Guilds from across the land will come together in a clash of steel, fire, and mayhem to gain control of special Dragon’s Conquest lands and earn cool rewards.

Below is some basic information to get you started on your path to glory…

Faction Leaders interested in testing their mettle can sign up for Dragons’ Conquest by talking to Rong Utsin at 585, 665 in Archosaur and paying 10 million coins to select the territory they wish to invade.

Sign Up starts: Thursdays at 3:00 AM PST
Sign Up ends: Thursdays at 3:00 PM PST


There are three types of territories available for sign up for and each type yields better rewards than the one before it:

  • Any faction leader can sign up for Vile Dragon Camp. (Level 1)
  • Faction leaders that control at least one Dragons' Conquest territory can sign up for Swirling Dragon Valley. (Level 2)
  • Faction leaders that control at least two Dragons' Conquest territories can sign up for Dragons' Meet. (Level 3)

How Participating Factions Are Chosen:

  • Factions with 2 or more territories will have a 100% success rate for signing up.
  • Factions with 1 territory will have a better chance of a successful sign up than Factions that hold no territories.
  • The priority for choosing factions is: Factions with 2 or more Territories, Factions with 1 Territory then Factions that do not hold any territories.
  • If there are more factions than available territories, factions that do not get into a battle will have their entry fee refunded.

Declarations of the Factions winning on their bids to compete in Dragons’ Conquest will begin on Fridays at 3:00 AM PST


On Saturdays at 10:30 AM PST Ye Tze will spawn next to Rong Utsin and allow players to enter Wargod Gulch. At 11:00 AM PST players can talk to Zur Seezan to enter Dragons' Conquest.


Once inside Dragons’ Conquest, Factions will find themselves in fierce competition both against each other as well as against the Dragons that inhabit the land.


Fierce battles will be waged over Resource Towers, Portals, and Resource Sites, and only the strong shall survive. Those lucky enough to push their way into the opposing Faction’s base will come face to face with one of the deadliest challenges they will ever meet… The opposing Factions Dragon.

To the victor go the spoils, and this event is no different! Compete and win, and you might just walk away with Dragon Mount or even some Rank 9 crafting materials!


The call to war is upon us. Are you ready for battle?

Event Notes:

  • To accommodate Dragons' Conquest we have merged the two Nation Wars into the Sunday time slot.
  • The Nation War rewards have been doubled to make up for the merging of the two events
  • We will not be resetting the Territory Wars maps right now so that players can enjoy Dragon’s Conquest right away. We will announce the next reset in advance.
  • These are trail event times and we are open to suggestions. Let us know on the forums how these event times work for you!




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