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Christmas Gift Login Event

By enelimm | Fri 18 Dec 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

Don’t miss out on the Christmas Gift holiday event! During our holiday login event, each day you log in you will get a different Christmas Gift!

Login Event

Login Event Starts: Friday, December 18th @10AM PST
Login Event Ends: Sunday, December 27th @11:59PM PST

If you are LV50+, each day that you log into PWI between December 18th and December 27th you will receive one of these gifts:


Time Limited Christmas Fashion Set

 Dragon Orb (4 Stars)

 10 Event Gold

 Profundity Scroll I Ticket

 Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x 1

 20 Event Gold Ticket

 War Front Secret Gift




Players will receive one of these prizes every day, but not necessarily in the order they are presented here.



  • You character must be level 50+ in order to receive the rewards. If you hit level 50 during the event, you need to login again to start qualifying. 
  • You need to exit the game and log in again for the next day to count.
  • In order for all of your characters to receive prizes, you must log into each characterNo logins will be counted if you stay logged in the game continuously.
  • You are not required to login for consecutive days but you will only receive prizes the days you log in. This means you can take a few days off in between.


Please note: 

  • The items will be sent to your mailbox. 
  • All items are bound.
  • You cannot put any of the items in your stash.
  • The days are separated by UTC time, 12:00AM (midnight) – 12:00AM (midnight next day), except for the first and last days.
  • Login rewards can only be redeemed once per character.


Log in every day to find out what the daily gift is!


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