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Heavenfall Competition

By enelimm | Thu 03 Dec 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

Greetings PWI Players!

War Front has been live for a few weeks now, you have had the opportunity to explore, to fight, and to rule! Now it’s time to see if you have what it takes in the form of a friendly little competition!

The PWI team proudly present to you:


The Challenge of Champions!


The rules are simple… Dominate the HeavenFall Tower by any means necessary.

Your quest for glory begins now!

Here’s how this will work: Due to some game bugs, we will restart this event on 12/23. Cross server records will be wiped and restart. We will have compensation for players who joined the events and entered into TOP 10 cross server rank.
Starting on 12/23/15 and running through until 1/29/16 we will be regularly checking out the All and Class Rankings on HeavenFall Tower of cross-server.

On 1/29/16 18:00 PM PST all characters in the No.1 through No. 5 spots in the “All” and “Class” rankings will receive some very cool prizes!


No 1.
Holiday's wish (the ring) + 1 * Soulgem Pack +1 War Avatar Chest S
      No 2 -- No 5. Soul gem Pack + 1 War Avatar Chest S

No 1 Holiday's wish (the ring) + 1 War Avatar Chest S
           No 2 -- No 5. War Avatar Chest S


**Each character can only win 1 prize. If one character shows up in the top 5 on both ranking reports, that character will be awarded for their highest rank only. The rank on the other report will be disregarded for the next player in line.


Seem easy enough? BOSS FIGHT MODE ENGAGED!!!

If any character can stay in the First Place Rank in the “All” Ranking report each time we check the rankings, that player will receive a prize worthy of their legendary powers!

The Best Robe in the game: Matchless Wings!

We will check the rankings 5 times, A player on this quest MUST be First in the “All” Rankings Each of those 5 days to qualify.  By doing so, not only will they win the Holiday's wish (the ring),  Soulgem Pack, War Avatar Chest S, BUT they will emerge victorious with the Matchless Wings!


Rankings Will Be checked at the following times:

01/01 18:00 PM PST
01/08 18:00 PM PST
01/15 18:00 PM PST

01/22 18:00 PM PST

01/29 18:00 PM PST


What do you say Champions? Are you ready for Glory?


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