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War Front Sneak Peek II

By enelimm | Thu 05 Nov 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

Cross-server Nation Wars


The cross-server Nation Wars are opening for warriors ready to test their mettle in PWIs most contested battlefield yet!

The Nation War is an intense PVP battle for land held twice a week. It is similar to Territory Wars, except you don’t have to be bound to faction to participate. Players LV60 and up are eligible for these 20 v 20 battles that now take place in a cross server environment!

Each server will now also vote on a commander to lead them in the Nation Wars. The Commander makes critical strategic decisions which will influence the entire course of the battle. Choose your Commander wisely!

When players queue to participate they will be added to one of four Nations. There are dozens of regions on the map for Nations to lay claim to. Battles for a single region are 20 v 20 and last a maximum of 25 minutes. The entire war lasts two hours and players are awarded coins at the end based on their nation’s success and their individual actions.


Battle for Treasure Island (Coming Soon!)


Only the most elite Factions are invited to this exclusive cross-server battlefield held every Saturday. To gain entry, factions must have conquered a certain amount of territories in the Territory Wars. The current Territory Wars will not be reset with the War Front expansion so that Factions have extra time to qualify.

This epic battle allows each faction to bring up to 60 members to the field. Once the brave warriors are chosen, though, no replacements or changes can be made for the remainder of the event.

The fighting takes place on the ground and flying has been disabled on the island. It is a fierce battle, but not unforgiving, if players are killed no items will drop and guardian scrolls will not be consumed.

Each skirmish lasts an intense 120 minutes, during that time the goal is to either kill the other faction’s commander or reduce the opponents resource points to 0. If there is no instant win before the time is up, the faction that has the most resource points will be declared the winner. Upon completion of the battle, participating players will find rewards waiting for them on their home server.

Wars of this scale are measured in seasons. Each week, participating factions will be ranked against each other. When the season ends, a magnificent prize will be awarded to the highest ranking factions.





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