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Important: Upcoming Server Merge

By enelimm
Wed 05 Aug 2015 01:54:42 PM PDT



We are excited to announce that we will be sending out one free Identity Stone to characters that were renamed as a result of the recent server merge. Characters that were renamed at the time of the merger with a suffix (LC, HL, RT, LC2, HL2, RT2) will be eligible for the free Identity Stone provided they have been successfully logged in to prior to August 20th. The items are currently being distributed and all impacted players should receive them by Monday, September 5th. 


To recap, in order to have the stone granted to you, please follow the below checklist for each affected character:


  • Log in to all affected characters prior to August 20th.
  • Keep space open in your mailbox as the item will be distributed via in-game mail.


We appreciate your patience.  Thanks so much for playing PWI!


Greetings PWI warriors,

You asked for it! After a lot of preparation, we are glad to announce that we will merge servers during the maintenance of August 4th!

For this reason, the maintenance may last longer than usual. We are confident that it is worth the wait, as the merge will not only gather all PWI lovers into 4 servers (instead of 8 currently) but also allow you to take up new challenges by taking part to Cross-server PvP events and Nation Wars!

Impatient? Check the name of your new server now and share your thoughts on our Forum!



New region

New Server Name

Heavens Tear









Twilight Temple

Lost City


Raging Tide













6 things you need to know about the merge:


  1. You will not lose anything on your characters! Characters, gear, coins, inventory, friend lists, marriage ties, pets, mounts etc will stay as they are. Your faction bases and logos will also remain the same.


  1. If you have characters on both servers, no need to worry! Accounts with more than 8 characters on 2 merged servers will still be able to access all of them. Note that you still cannot create additional characters if you have at least 8 existing ones.


  1. To avoid duplicate character and guild names, we will add suffixes to differentiate players with identical nicknames. This will prevent all sorts of technical and social issues, while leaving a trace you can use to kindly recall good ol’ times on your former servers. To accommodate these suffixes, character name limits on all servers are being increased from 12 to 14 letters. Here are the suffixes that will be used:

Lost City : LC
Raging Tide: RT
Harshlands: HL

As Archosaur and Heaven’s Tear share the same name database, Etherblade will not be affected.


  1. Territory Wars will be reset for the sake of fairness. TW8 will re-open after the reset. Take this chance to start anew and make a difference!


  1. You've been asking for it for a long time, we're making it happen for you! After the merge, Territory Wars will last 3 months instead of 6 currently. Are you up to the challenge?


  1. All new servers will be PvE, though we don’t exclude the possibility to have a dedicated PvP server in the future. Obviously PvP enthusiasts will not be outdone in this merge: Not only can they switch to PvP mode anytime they need their daily dose of player blood-shedding, but they will also be able to participate to new, epic cross-server PvP challenges!


If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to check our Forum FAQ and share your thoughts.

We sincerely hope this merge will help you make new encounters and enjoy the game a bit more :) Thank you all for your loyalty to PWI!

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