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PWI - War Avatar Chest: S Raffle

By Alex | Thu 14 May 2015 05:06:41 PM PDT

war avatar, perfect world, free mmorpg

This week we're running another PWI raffle event for War Avatar Chest: S! Just charge gold on your character to be entered into the raffle. Read on below for details.

Raffle Start: Friday, May 15 at 6:00 pm PDT 
Raffle End: Monday, May 18 at 6:00 pm PDT 



How to enter:
Charge at least 10 gold during the raffle weekend to be entered into the raffle. Every 10 gold Charge will be counted as one entry.

Who Wins:

  • Top three players who Charge the most gold from each server during the raffle weekend
  • 15 players randomly chosen out of the total entrants


War Avatar Chest: S

Prize Distribution

  • Limit of only one prize per eligible account
  • Prizes are planned to be sent out 3-5 business days after the promotion ends.
  • The prize will be sent via in-game mail
  • The prize will be mailed to the main character that had last spent the gold for this promotion

All  servers are included in this raffle as well, so no one will be left out!


IGN Server
VitoryXXX Archosaur (PVE)
dvyhfdgf Archosaur (PVE)
Kalaisi Archosaur (PVE)
SeNoR_Hide Archosaur (PVE)
DaraSwaPlur Dreamweaver (PVE)
SneakyStorm Dreamweaver (PVE)
_Vig_ Dreamweaver (PVE)
DrAgOOnZ Dreamweaver (PVE)
CllYDE Harshlands (PVP)
Seek_NK Harshlands (PVP)
BIeedingEdge Harshlands (PVP)
UsetAbuta Heavens Tear (PVE)
BIackSeeker Heavens Tear (PVE)
Maharethe Heavens Tear (PVE)
LordRech Heavens Tear (PVE)
ritz_bitz Heavens Tear (PVE)
BloodyAbatu Heavens Tear (PVE)
thirsty Heavens Tear (PVE)
Vellas Heavens Tear (PVE)
Venomwench Heavens Tear (PVE)
King_xBow Heavens Tear (PVE)
RaydenRyu Lost City (PVP)
EzioAuditore Lost City (PVP)
Slapz Lost City (PVP)
Yukiino_Love Lost City (PVP)
jolly Morai (PVE)(fr)
Aliisa Morai (PVE)(fr)
wegisweg Morai (PVE)(fr)
SneakyZoe Morai (PVE)(fr)
x_Trinity_x Morai (PVE)(fr)
Anrhe Morai (PVE)(fr)
Pretty_Pixie Raging Tide (PVE)
VulcanSecret Raging Tide (PVE)
DeiAemeth Raging Tide (PVE)
feiso Raging Tide (PVE)
jonseyII Sanctuary (PVE)
Starcobra Sanctuary (PVE)
Jalillie_ Sanctuary (PVE)
TUTANEKAl Sanctuary (PVE)
hamiri Sanctuary (PVE)
Krayvuss Dreamweaver (PVE)
Scathed Harshlands (PVP)
jessejackson Heavens Tear (PVE)
MysticalEros Archosaur (PVE)
xCouperetx Sanctuary (PVE)
Kittysama Raging Tide (PVE)
DysoI\\I Heavens Tear (PVE)
ptitpeluche Morai (PVE)(fr)
sumxxx Sanctuary (PVE)
TonzinhOw Raging Tide (PVE)
Terianne Raging Tide (PVE)
Uosa Heavens Tear (PVE)
Constante Lost City (PVP)
SiennaStorm Raging Tide (PVE)


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