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Sunshine Packs and More For a Limited Time!

By sparkiesoft
Tue 12 Aug 2014 11:00:00 PM PDT

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Find items at awesome discounted prices starting this week! Items such as the Sunshine Pack,Medal of Glory, Battle Pet Pack, and Reset Notes are waiting for you in the PW Boutique Shop!


Sale Start Date: Wednesday August, 13th, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Sale End Date: Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time



Full Sales List:

(60% Off)

Sunshine Pack*

Battle Pet Pack (50)

(50% Off)

Medal of Glory

Battle Pet pack (1,10)

Basic Reset/Reset All Note

Intermediate Reset/All Note

Advanced Reset/All Note


*Leaves the PW Boutique at sale's end date

  Sunshine Packs
The beauty of the Sunshine Pack is that no matter how lucky you are while opening it, you'll always receive a useful item! 

Even the lowest prize, Perfect Tokens of Luck, can be redeemed at the PW Boutique Agent for tons of useful items such as GemsWinesMysterious Chips, and Guardian Scrolls! Meanwhile, if luck does happen to be on your side while opening the box, you'll likely end up with an item (such as a Charm or Rare Mount)  that can be sold for millions of coins! 

Once purchased from the Boutique, all you have to do is right-click the box; your prize will appear after a few moments! Don't forget, you need to have space in your inventory for the prize to appear. Please scroll down to the bottom of the article for the full list of possible prizes.

Here are some of the possible prize mounts that can be attained from the contents of the Sunshine Pack:

The Mammoth




Ancient Gazer

Ancient Glazer2

gazer stats


Drifting Martyr

 Drifting Martyr2



Fallen Roc

Fallen Roc2


Silk Perfume

Silk Perfume2


Along with the other useful items in the table below:

Perfect·Token of Luck
Perfect·Token of Best Luck
Platinum Spirt Charm
Platinum Guardian Charm
Diamond of Tiger
Diamond of Dragon
Garnet Gem
Sapphire Gem
Citrine Gem
Frostcovered Sign Force
Lunar Glade Insignia Ornament
Lunar Glade Insignia Weapon
Wing Trophy
Wing Trophy Lunarglade
Soul of Relic
Stone of the Savant
Cloudrider Badge
Rapture Chest
Uncanny Chest
Championship Scroll
Warsong Marshal Badge
Cube of Fate Stamp
Primeval Stone


Battle Pet Pack
Each of these packs contains between 10 and 50 units of either Phoenix Feathers or Source of Force. See the Mrs. Zoologist NPC in Archosaur when you have enough of these (9999) to be able to trade for either the Baby Hercules or Baby Blazing Phoenix Battle Pets. Please note that these incredibly powerful battle pets can only be used by the the Venomancer class.   

Reset Notes
Allocating your five stat points every time you level up is one of the most important things you can do to keep up with monsters and other heroes alike, and few things will set you back like misplaced points. For this reason, Reset Notes are extremely handy to undo any rookie mistakes you might have made. 

Reset Notes have another use as well, and that is to modify your character's play-style. Feel like switching your full Magic Veno to something a little more durable? With Reset Notes you can take points out of Mag and instead put them into Strength and Vitality, giving you a larger HP pool and the ability to wear heavier armor. Tired of tanking on your Barb? Maybe a switch to the fabled "Arcane Barb" is more your style. Actually, forget the Arcane Barb - as cool as it may look, it's not particularly useful. There are, however, far more effective ways to change your character up, so don't be shy, especially this week!

  Basic Reset Note
Reset up to 10 points of one attribute that can then be re-allocated as desired. 

  Basic Reset-all Note
Reset up to 5 points of each attibute that can then be re-allocated as desired. 

  Intermediate Reset Note
Reset up to 50 points of one attribute that can then be re-allocated as desired.  

Intermediate Reset-all Note
Reset up to 25 points of each attibute that can then be re-allocated as desired. 

Advanced Reset Note
Reset up to 200 points of one attribute that can then be re-allocated as desired. 

Advanced Reset-all Note
Reset up to 100 points of each attibute that can then be re-allocated as desired. 

 Medal of Glory

These medals are a major piece of the puzzle for attaining Rank IX Gear, which is some of the best gear in all Perfect World!

How/Where to Get It

To obtain this gear, you'll need to make a trip to the Commander-in-Chief (521, 626) in the South District of Archosaur. You'll need 300,000 Reputation3 Medals of Glory, and 32 General Summer's Tokens. Once you've fulfilled these requirements, speak with the Commander in Chief, and you'll be able to turn in the medals and tokens for the Rank IX ring - Ring of Trauma (note: Medals and Tokens will be consumed in the trade).

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