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The Perfect Spend Rewards Weekend!

By DreamDefender | Fri 27 Jun 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

This weekend, the PWI Spend Rewards promotion is back! This time, you can get each item up to 10 times per day! Each day during the promotion, the limit will reset at midnight so you can gain up to 10 of each item again.

Spend Rewards Begins: Friday, June 27th 2014 (11:01AM PDT, 2:01PM EDT)

Spend Rewards Ends: Monday, June 30th 2014  
(11:01PM PDT, 2:01AM EDT)



Profundity Scroll I (5 Gold Spent) Limit: 10 per character per day

 Increases your EXP by 200,000 and your Spirit by 45,600.  


 Demon/Sage Event Card (25 Gold SpentLimit: 10 per character per day

For players looking for more options in terms of prizes, here is the Demon/Sage Event Card, which provides 50 Event Gold. This currency can be spent in the Event Boutique, accessible by pressing the “Event” button after opening the Boutique. Here players can purchase great items like charms, fashion, and flying mounts!


 VIP Platinum Crown (25 Gold SpentLimit: 10 per character per day
This ticket will automatically grant you the following items, depending on your character's gender:

 King's Crown - 90 day, time limited
 Platinum Guardian Charm

 Queen's Tiara - 90 day, time limited.
 Platinum Guardian Charm



Additional Info:

All rewards will be received in the in-game mailbox within an hour of qualifying. Rewards will be sent to the character that reached the gold spend threshold. 

Character A spends 20 gold and Character B (of the same account), spends 5 gold. A demon/sage event card will be mailed to Character B


Remember, this promotion ends Monday, June 30th 2014, so make sure you take advantage of it now!

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