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Drake Mirrors, Dragon Orbs, Charms, and more!

By DreamDefender
Wed 25 Jun 2014 09:50:00 AM PDT

dragon orb, dragon orb ocean

Great items are discounted at half-off starting this week! Items such as the Drake Mirror Pack, Guardian/Spirit Charms, manufacturing boxes, dragon orbs, and even the wedding packs are all in the PW Boutique waiting for you.



Sale Start Date: Wednesday, June 25th
, 2014 @ 1:00 AM Server Time

Sale End Date: Wednesday, July 9th
, 2014 
@ 1:00 AM Server Time


Full Sales List:

(50% off)
Drake Mirror Pack*
Dragon Orb Ocean*
Groom & Bride Pack
Dragon Orb 1 - 5 Stars
Platinum Guardian/Spirit Charms
Gold Guardian/Spirit Charms
Silver Guardian/Spirit Charms
Bronze Guardian/Spirit Charms

Blacksmith Training I
Tailor Training I
Craftsman Training I
Apothecary Training I

*Leaves the PW Boutique at sale's end date


 Dragon Orb Ocean 

The Dragon Orb Ocean is a powerful item that only the most hardcore and players and merchants need consider-- This limited-time, ultra rare orb has a 100% chance to successfully increase an item's refinement level by 1, with the maximum refinement level at +10! This means that it can be used once before being consumed, and can guranatee the refinement of an item from +2 to +3, from +7 to +8, or from +9 to +10 (remember, it can only be used for one of these)!      


 1-Star Dragon Orbs
What do you do when you finally obtain that piece of gear that you've been pining for? Why, you upgrade it of course! And we've got you covered with this week's sale: 50% off 1-star to 5-star Dragon Orbs! These orbs will guarantee a refinement up to the level of the orb, but are consumed on each use.

For an overview of how the Refinement process works to improve your armor and weapons, just click here



  Platinum Guardian & Spirit Charms

  Gold Guardian & Gold Spirit Charms

  Silver Guardian & Silver Spirit Charms

  Bronze Guardian & Bronze Spirit Charms

Want to be able to tank, heal, or grind more efficiently? Charms are some of the most useful items that you will encounter in all of PWI! Each Charm has a "reservoir" of either HP or MP, and it draws from this reservoir to replenish your character's HP or MP bars. Guardian Charms replenish your HP bar to 100% anytime it falls below 50% (10 second cooldown)Spirit Charms replenish your MP bar to 100% anytime it falls below 75% (5 second cooldown).


To read more on how charms work, just click here.



   Wedding Packs

Contains traditional Chinese wedding fashion as well as the items necessary to be wed. Just open up these two packs with your beloved and head to the Eldest Matchmaker in Archosaur for your beautiful day!

Important Info: Please note that the Wedding Chapel and Phoenix Nest venues both operate on the same calendar, so if one wedding ceremony is scheduled for the Wedding Chapel at 2pm on the 15th of December, that date and time will also be unavailable for the Phoenix Nest. 


Manufacturing Boxes
Manufacture Skill Boxes, when used in conjunction with the Elder NPC, will allow you to train yourself to Level 8 of one of the original four disciplines; Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Craftmanship, and Apothecary.

  Blacksmith Training
  Apothecary Training
  Craftsman Training
  Tailor Training

Please note that your character still must be the requisite Experience Level to learn the corresponding crafting level (i.e. you must be level 50 to learn Blacksmith Level 4).

To learn more about the crafting level up process, just click here.


  Drake Mirror Pack  
Besides the ever-useful Tokens of Luck and Best Luck, opening this pack also brings the chance of obtaining some of the best looking mounts and fashion we've ever designed! Feast your eyes on the images below:

Solaris Phoenix (Ground Mount)

Drake Mirror, Solaris Phoenix





Eldritch Darkmoth

Eldritch Darkmoth


Frozen Wishes

frozen wishes


Opalescelent Kirin

opalescent kirin


Sapna's Dreaming

sapna's dreaming


Dark Lord Set

dark lord set


Demure Attendant Set

demure attendant


Here's a full list of possible prizes from the Drake Mirror Pack:

Perfect·Token of Luck - 15  Perfect·Token of Best Luck
Platinum Spirit Charm Platinum Guardian Charm
Diamond of Tiger  Diamond of Dragon
Garnet Gem Sapphire Gem
Citrine Gem Frostcovered Sign·Force
Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon
Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade Soul Relic 
Scroll of Tome Nimbus Emblem
Championship Scroll Warsong Marshal Badge
Cube of Fate Stamp Script of Fate
Dazzling Crest Rapture Chest
Uncanny Chest Stone of the Savant
Primeval Stone Stone of the Jungle
Matchless Wings Sky Cover
Cloud Stir Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Onyx)
Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Ivory) Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
Quest Slot Expansion Trade-safe Charm Pack 



The Drake Mirror Pack and Dragon Orb Ocean will be on sale and in the boutique until Wednesday July 9th @ 1:00 AM PDT. After that it will be removed from the boutique.

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