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Weekend Raffle Returns

By Mazinger | Thu 05 Jun 2014 10:41:54 PM PDT

This weekend, we're running another raffle event for Draonet Q Just charge ZEN into your server to be entered into the raffle. Read on below for details.

Raffle Start: 6/6 Friday @ 12:00 AM PDT 
Raffle End: 6/9 Sunday @ 11:59 PM PDT 




Raging Tide harkin
Archosaur MasterSinner
Morai xforcer
Archosaur Sir_Comsizer
Archosaur Kaana
Sanctuary Stokerr
Dreamweaver Doxlarmu
Sanctuary tank_is_me
Lost City aikatraz
Raging Tide Mrs_Mav
Raging Tide xYeRx
Archosaur heartofargo



How to enter:
Spend at least 10 gold during the raffle weekend to be entered into the raffle. Every 10 gold spent will be counted as one entry.

Who Wins:

  • Top 3 players who spend the most gold during the raffle weekend
  • 10 players randomly chosen out of the total entrants

Prize Distribution

  • Prizes are sent out during the June 17th maintenance
  • The prize will be inserted in the winners' inventory
  • The prize will be inserted to the character that spent gold with

Winners will be announced in this blog post at the end of the contest. All servers are included in this raffle as well, so no one will be left out! 

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