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Super Powered Orb Sale

By DreamDefender | Tue 25 Mar 2014 06:33:02 PM PDT

Check out the special sale of two extremely valuable and rare items, Dragon Orb Mirage and Flame! These items have only been available via the PW Boutique a handful of times before and now they're back! Get yours soon, because the sale will only until Wednesday April 2nd @ 1 AM PDT.

(Current Deals: The Coveted Dragon Orb Sale)


Special Sale:

 Dragon Orb Mirage

The second most powerful dragon orb in the game. This limited-time, ultra rare orb has a 100% chance to successfully increase an item's refinement level by 1, with the maximum refinement level at +11! This means that it can be used once before being consumed, and can refine an item from +2 to +3, from +7 to +8, or from +10 to +11 (remember, it can only be used for one of these)!      


 Dragon Orb Flame

The most valuable dragon orb of them all. This beauty will guarantee a refinement level up no matter the current refinement level of the item. If you're looking for that last bump up on your best gear to be a guarantee, then this is the item to have! Remember, like all other orbs, it will be consumed on use, no matter the refinement level. Choose wisely what you want to refine.


Both of these extremely useful items will be available starting Friday March 28th @ 10AM PDT to Wednesday April 2nd @ 1AM PDT.


Also don't forget to check out the current sale going on: The Coveted Dragon Orb Sale

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