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Glorious Mirth and Medal of Glory!

By Synchroze | Thu 27 Feb 2014 01:00:00 AM PST


We've got the Glorious Mirth pack and Medal of Glory back on sale for a limited time! This pack holds laughter, joy, and lots of great items. Take a look below to see the items available!

Sale Start Date: Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Sale End Date: Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Sale Item:

Glorious Mirth x1, x10, x20, x50 ,x100

 Glorious Mirth

This pack returns for a limited time and contains the chance for one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game, a Medal of Glory. Of course, it also holds a large amount of items in addition to the Medal of Glory, so you'll always end up a winner. Here are a list of the potential flyers you can receive from opening it:      






Ancient Gazer

Ancient Glazer2

Drifting Martyr

 Drifting Martyr2

Fallen Roc

Fallen Roc2

Silk Perfume

Silk Perfume2


 Medal of Glory (Available in quantities of 1 and 5)


Also on sale starting this week:

  • Medal of Glory - 50% off!!!


From now until 3/12 @ 1am server time, Medals of Glory will be 50% off!

These medals are a major piece of the puzzle for attaining Rank IX Gear, which is some of the best gear in all Perfect World!

How/Where to Get It

To obtain this gear, you'll need to make a trip to the Commander-in-Chief (521, 626) in the South District of Archosaur. You'll need 300,000 Reputation3 Medals of Glory, and 32 General Summer's Tokens. Once you've fulfilled these requirements, speak with the Commander in Chief, and you'll be able to turn in the medals and tokens for the Rank IX ring - Ring of Trauma (note: Medals and Tokens will be consumed in the trade).


The Glorious Mirth pack and Medal of Glory will be on sale and in the boutique until Wednesday March 12th.      


Looking for some fashion items and pigments? Here's a complete list of what's discounted for a limited time:

50% off these fashions:
Groom Pack
Bride Pack
Dress Jacket
Dress Slacks
Dress Shoes
Wedding Dress
Wedding Gloves
Wedding Heels
Lovebird Hair
Lovebird Hat
Lovebird Sleeves
Lovebird Heels
Lovebird Dress
Lovebird Shoes
Lovebird Pants
Lovebird Suit
Gilded Ribbon Dress
Gilded Ribbon Heels
Gilded Ribbon Sleeves
Gilded Ribbon Braids

50% off these pigments:
Pink Pigment
Pink Pigment (10)
Perfect Pink Pigment
Perfect Pink Pigment (10)
White Pigment
White Pigment (10)
Red Pigment
Red Pigment (10)



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