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The Spring Festival Event!

By DreamDefender
Fri 07 Feb 2014 02:59:55 PM PST


The Spring Festival event is here with your favorite monster, the Blackglass Lemur! This event will run until February 16th, 2014. Make sure to log in now to take part in it, as you'll receive a bless box gives you +10% bonus exp! Read on for how the event works. 


1. Go to the Emerald Fairy (532, 673)


2. Tame a Red Baby (551, 698) 

-Use the item the Emerald Fairy gives you to tame one


3. Complete the quest at the Spring Festival Herald (528, 680)



4. Take the "Transform for Smiles" quest from the Spring Festival Herald
- The emerald fairy needs a laugh like we all do sometimes!


5. Complete the "Transform for Smiles" quest


To complete this you have two options:


-Ask others to transform you if they have the right magic stick (reward for taming a Red Baby)

- Let the Blackglass Lemur transform you, which appears for 15 minutes every hour outside Northern Archosaur. It likes to patrol the circular rock formation near the big tree outside the gates. You'll hear it screaming when it  appears.


This transformation quest will give you a random transformation requirement, so don't expect the same one every time!

Hopefully you'll get the puffbird transformation, only because it's the cutest.



Best Reward:

- Once you've made the Emerald Fairy laugh, you'll find yourself with an event box to open and fireworks. Inside the event box you'll receive:

Make sure not to trash the initial quest from the Emerald Fairy!


This event ends on February 16th, 2014. Make sure to tell that Lemur what you think of him!


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