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Archosaur Warsong Event

By Fero | Wed 04 May 2022 09:00:00 AM PDT



A special event will be starting soon in PWI!


************** Archosaur Warsong Event **************

 Event Starts: May 4, 2022
Event Ends: May 17, 2022

 Every Day @ 17:00, 19:00, 21:00 Server Time


Required Level: 80+

Location: Archosaur City, West Gate, South Gate, North Gate

After the countdown announcements and the event has begun, there will be 3 waves of Wraith attacks with increasing difficulty. At the end of each wave, there will be 3 Legion champions.

You will need to work with other players and devise tactics to fight off each surge of enemies! If the Legion champions can be defeated, the rewards earned will be even better.

Each day you can collect Light Empress’ Blessing and General Summer’s Order from the Archosaur Warsong special event menu.

General Summer’s Order can be used on a Legion monster to provoke it and force it to enter combat.

Please Note:

Wraith soldiers will disappear 30 minutes after each session has started. The Legion champions will disappear 1 hour after each session has started.


Rewards Include:

Bell of Garment

Dragon Tamer Lasso

Royal Glow Fan

Glyph Pack Lv 7

Dragon Orb Ocean




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