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Perfect World

The Wildwalker Update is live

By Fero | Wed 17 Nov 2021 09:00:00 AM PST


The Wildwalker update is here!

Learn more about the update & its changes below!


***** Content Update Boosts Activated *****

x3 EXP & x2 Drops/Money

Start: 11/17/2021
End: Maintenance on 12/7/2021



Dawnlight – Wildwalker Update Patch Notes


New Untamed Class – Wildwalker

  • The new class, Wildwalker, in his human form, is very agile and versatile with its excellent control and stealth abilities. It has a sprint skill "Wind Step" which has a very short cooldown. You can use it to maneuver quickly and catch up with your enemies. It also has special marks: "Wind", "Forest", "Fire", "Mountain", "Ying" and "Yang", which can be used together with other skills to produce more powerful control effects.
  • In his Ape form, it has this unstoppable brutal strength that can dominate any confrontation. All its skills, while casting, grant it an immunity against negative statuses, rendering Wildwalker extremely effective in melee combat against other control or magic characters. Combined with the "Cosmic Unity" and "Chaotic Breach" skills cast with its "Ying" and "Yang" marks, it exerts fearful control and damage output abilities.
  • New Wildwalker characters use the detailed HD model by default, where you can customize body and facial features. Once entering the game, you can change between HD or SD modes or customize it again at the Cosmetic Master.
  • Wildwalker characters can take the “Changeable Ape” quest from Cosmetic Master Yun or Illian in Archosaur City to obtain a Makeover Scroll. The quest will be available from November 17 until maintenance on December 15.


New Quest – Perfect World Hero Saga

Whatever recorded in the Perfect World Hero Saga is history, but people can see the heroes as if they are alive today, and are inspired by their stories.

  • Hero Saga will be available at character LV80. The heroes in it can be unlocked in a number of different ways. Once you have completed the requirements for unlocking a hero, their avatar will be lit up in the Hero Saga. You can then click on the avatar to view their stories and some additional information about them.
  • After completing all the deeds for a hero, you will unlock them as a cosmetic pet so they will accompany you in your adventures!

Wild Walker Lord - Syvos

As the Wildwalker race re-emerged in the Perfect World, these new and quirky individuals have become a source of excitement amongst the people. The first hero recorded in the Hero Saga is the Wildwalker Lord, Syvos.

  • Requirement: LV80, Aware of Vacuity
  • Completion Reward: Plentiful EXP, Spirit, Little Syvos (Cosmetic Pet) x1, Permanent Colored Title "Spring Peach Blossom" (HP +100)


Optimizations, Adjustments and Updates

Activeness System

The Activeness System is being overhauled in this update. The new Event Calendar consists of Daily Sign In and Daily Activeness, which can be accessed from the old Event Calendar button.

Daily Sign In

The new Event Calendar has made several optimizations to the Daily Sign In feature, so players can view their monthly sign-in rewards better.

  • The Fill Check function is optimized and more user friendly. After signing in, players can use an Absence Note to fill all the missed days from this month and the last month without any limits.
    • Absence Note can be purchased from VIP1 Boutique. Meanwhile, players can no longer trade for Absence Note from the Boutique Agent.
  • Changed the feature that "when number of misses is equal or less than 3, it will be considered as a full attendance". Players need to actually sign in everyday to win the full attendance icon.
  • By collecting full attendance icons for all 12 months, players can collect a Super Attendance Reward during January 1st and 31st the next year.


Active Points Reset

Active Points Quests adjusted:

The new Active Points system consists of six Active Points Quests. Players can complete the activities to win Active Point Quest rewards.

After accumulating a certain number of Active Points, they can collect Activeness Chests.

  • Weapon Instance Active Point Quest: Players can complete any one of the instances: High-level Endless Universe, Moon Watcher Tower, Uncharted Paradise, Whispering Mausoleum to complete the Weapon Instance Active Point Quest.
  • Armor Instance Active Point Quest: Players can complete any one of the instances: Low-level Endless Universe, Flowsilver Palace, Twilight Library, Twilight Temple: Cloud Abode to complete the Armor Instance Active Point Quest.
  • Artifact Instance Active Point Quest: Players can complete any one of the instances: Undercurrent Hall, Icebound Underworld, Dawnlight Halls to complete the Artifact Instance Active Point Quest.
  • Vitae Daily Active Point Quest: Complete Vitae Daily quests twice to complete.
  • Gold Hunt Active Point Quest: Complete Gold Hunt quests twice to complete.
  • Celestial Infant Education Active Point Quest: Complete Teaching and Tutoring quest once to complete.

Note: Active Points and the rewards are reset everyday at 00:00.


Active Point Items Adjusted

  • Intense Action Stone and Extreme Action Stone are removed from the Boutique.
  • Action Stone, Intense Action Stone, Extreme Action Stone can no longer increase Active Points or summon Messenger of the Future.
  • Auto-Recovery Stone and Advanced Auto-Recovery Stone can no longer increase the upper limit for daily Active Points, and will no longer keep the remaining Active Points to the next day.
  • Action Stone can no longer be exchanged at Assistant Wang Tsai. Several new item exchange services are added:
  • Exchange Action Stone for Lucky Coin x1.
  • Exchange Intense Action Stone for Chienkun Stone x1.
  • Exchange Extreme Action Stone for Chienkun Stone x5.
  • Player can click View Details button in the Daily Activeness menu to view detailed info for instances, daily quests, and various events, so they can choose more easily.


Instance Adjustments

Instance Categorization

We have categorized all instances into three types: Weapon Instances, Armor Instances, and Artifact Instances:

  • Weapon Instances: High-level Endless Universe, Moon Watcher Tower, Uncharted Paradise, Whispering Mausoleum
  • Armor Instances: Low-level Endless Universe, Flowsilver Palace, Twilight Library, Cloud Abode
  • Artifact Instances: Undercurrent Hall, Icebound Underworld, Dawnlight Halls

Instances of the same type share the same entry ticket:

  • Relic of Wonder: Weapon (was Silent Sea Sandgrain)
  • Relic of Wonder: Armor (was Moon Ode Order)
  • Relic of Wonder: Artifact (was Dawnlight Feather).

Players can collect one of these entry items per day at the entrance of these instances.

  • Players above Reawakening II LV100 can take a one-off quest at the entrance to each instance that gives Relic of Wonder: Weapon x10, Relic of Wonder: Armor x10, and Relic of Wonder: Artifact x10.
  • Players can take the new tickets from Ticket Master Luto.
  • Relic of Wonder: Armor is permanent.
  • Players with a Whispering Mirror can trade it for Relic of Wonder: Weapon and Relic of Wonder: Artifact at Soulless Wanderer
  • Tuc Su Toxin, Jade Dragon Order, Immolation Order, and Quicksand Smokewisp can be used at materials to craft Transmutation: Low Value at Transmutation Master Xolo


Instance Difficulty Adjusted

The following adjustments have been made for the new categorization and difficulty settings:

  • Undercurrent Hall: monsters' HP and Attack are reduced.
  • Flowsilver Palace: Normal Mode removed. There are only Deicide Mode and Judgment Mode.
  • Uncharted Paradise: Normal Mode removed. There is only Deicide Mode.
  • Dawnlight Halls: Normal Mode and Deicide Mode are removed. There is only Judgment Mode.


Instance Daily Quests Adjusted

We have also adjusted the rewards for the Daily Quests in these Instances. Weapon Instances mainly give weapon materials. Armor Instances mainly give Rank 8 to Twilight Waroul Gear armors. Artifact Instances mainly gives materials for Refinement, War Avatar, Star Chart, Glyph, etc.


Instance Loot Reward Adjusted

We have also adjusted the loot for certain instances:

  • Uncharted Paradise: Ultimate Uncharted Treasure contains Dull Zenith Skull Shard x2 instead of 1.
  • Undercurrent Hall: War Avatar Pack C is added to Inferno Lord Phyrex's drops.
  • Icebound Underworld: Lord of Grief Mistblade no longer drops Fortifications Seal; Lord of Disaster Soulshriek no longer drops Reborn 3 Rank 8 materials.
  • Dawnlight Halls: Dim Songflow Ringstone, Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard, and Dull Rough Iron Shard are no longer dropped, and are replaced by War Avatar Pack C of the equivalent value.
  • Heavenfall Temple: Reborn 3 Rank 8 materials are no longer dropped. EXP loot is newly added.


Other Adjustments

  • The Twilight Wraiths outside the Twilight Temple have been eliminated. They will not spawn at 16:00 and 20:00 any more.
  • Ticket Master Luto stops giving out Quicksand Smokewisp.
  • Lady Heidel stops giving out Dream Trekker Stone.
  • Icebound Gatekeeper Sho stops giving out Dream Trekker Stone.
  • Crimson Imperial Envoy stops giving out Tuc Su Toxin.
  • Indefinite Spirit stops giving out Jade Dragon Order.
  • Dawnlight Halls stops dispatching the quest "Dawnlight Falls" in Judgment Mode
  • When the character completes the Dawnlight Halls for the first time, there is no additional reward anymore.
  • Dawnlight Halls and Uncharted Paradise weekly quests are removed.


Gold Hunt Quest Adjustments

Gold Hunt Quests reorganized

  • The Gold Hunt Quests will be dispatched for the three types of instances. Warriors that meet the Boundary requirements can choose instances at different difficulties based on their own equipment. For example, if you get a Gold Hunt Quest for Weapon Instances, you can complete any of the four instances (High-level Endless Universe, Moon Watcher Tower, Uncharted Paradise, Whispering Mausoleum) to complete the Gold Hunt Quest.
  • The Gold Hunt Quest will not be dispatched differently for Midlands and Western Continent. Players can take the same quests from the Head Hunter in both Midlands and Western Continent.
  • Gold Hunt Quests will be failed automatically at 00:00 the next day if they are not finished within the day.

Gold Hunt Reward Adjustment

We have adjusted the rewards for Gold Hunt Quests, including but not limited to:

  • Deleted outdated items such as Socket Stone, War Avatar Order, Mysterious Chip, etc.
  • Increase Silver Coin reward

Meanwhile, we changed the mode to yield random items, that the items are yielded with chances that are independent to each other. It means that you might win Ten Million Big Note, Bounty Nice Guy Card, and Bounty Noble Man Card at the same time.


Vitae Daily Adjustments

To fix the problem that players are heavily burdened with Daily Quests, and that they have no access to acquire Barbaric Blood and Barbaric Blood Crystal materials as they break into higher Boundaries, we have made the following adjustments to the Vitae Daily Quests:

  • Adjusted the required level and Boundary for some Daily Quests, to make sure that each Boundary has two to four Daily Quests available.
  • Closed the instance Altar of Saintess, and adjusted the Vitae gain for some Daily Quests to make sure the players can gain Vitae at the same rate.
  • Adjusted the rewards for the Daily Quests: greatly increased the number of the Barbaric Blood materials.


Spiritual Cultivation Quest Adjustment

We have made corresponding optimizations for the related Cultivation Quests:

  • Chaotic Soul Cultivation Quest: The object to kill Pathkeeper Bajan in Uncharted Paradise is changed to kill Tyrant Prince Mushi in Flowsilver Palace.
  • Chaotic Soul Cultivation Quest: The object to collect the fragments in Uncharted Paradise is changed to collect fragments in Moon Watcher Tower. The fragments in Moon Watcher Tower will be available after defeating Angel of Sword Basam.
  • Chaotic Soul Cultivation Quest: The object to collect the fragments in Dawnlight Halls is changed to collect fragments in Flowsilver Palace. The fragments in Flowsilver Palace will be available as Belle Leun, the Mad Princess is spawned.


Faction Adjustments

Faction Goals Adjusted

We have adjusted the Faction Goals for the new categorization and difficulty settings.


Faction Squad Adjusted

We have adjusted the Chivalry Point and Chivalry Fund for Faction Squad.


Arigora Colosseum

Rules Adjustments

  • 3v3 Mode has been changed to Balanced Competition Mode.
  • 6v6 Mode uses players’ own equipment.
  • Available Time will be adjusted to 15:00-17:00 and 20:00-23:00 every day. These times may be updated in the future.
  • Optimized the algorithm for Matchmaking to shorten Matchmaking time and improve game experience.
  • Adjusted the points calculation for Placement Match. Players with a higher win ratio will gain more Placement Match Points.
  • Adjusted the calculation for match scores. Individuals and squads that are more active in the matches will win better match score.
  • Adjusted the calculation rules for Score Rewards. Players can win better rewards with the same score than before.
  • The required number of completions for the Weekly Quest "Colosseum Showdown" is lowered from 15 to 10.
  • Newly added a Group icon to visually show player's strength. Players can view the Groups and their Points in the Help menu for the Colosseum Party.
  • To improve player's game experience for Colosseum Matchmaking, when the season ends, there are rules to keep Points starting from the next season. Points for the current season (Infinity Season) will not be kept.

Reward Optimizations and Adjustments

  • The reward exchange will no longer be handled by Arigora Agent Khroatis, and will be handled by Arigora Secretary Haakris.
  • During a Colosseum Season, the number of Arigora Coins players can exchange with Expedition Order is increased. Meanwhile, new exclusive exchangeable rewards are added for Platinum Warlord Group. Expedition Orders can be acquired by finishing season quests.
  • Newly added Group "Glorious Warlord". Players with 2400+ Colosseum Points can enter this group, and exchange for the exclusive material Arcstar Dust: Light, as well as the graphic title "Glorious Arigora Warlord". This title lasts 7 days, and provides additional attributes: Physical Attack +40, Magical Attack +40.
  • Exchanging for Colosseum titles doesn't cost Arigora Coin any more. Instead, it will cost Trainee's Pass, which can be acquired by completing the weekly quest Colosseum Showdown.
  • Players with 2400+ Personal Credit can talk to Arigora Agent Khroatis to trade Arigora Coins into Arcstar Dust: Light. They can also talk to Arigora Agent Khroatis to refine Arcstar Dust: Light into Arcstar Dust: Radiance.
    • Note: There is a chance to successfully refine the material. Players can buy Accolade Charm or Tampering Charm to increase the chance of success.

Newly Added G18 Rings: Starchaser Jade Series

  • The Starchaser Jade series Rings are acquired by upgrading the old Starchaser Jade: Entropy ring at Katrina Starblaze at the cost of Arcstar Dust: Radiance.
  •  Starchaser Jade series Rings can be reforged at Katrina Starshift (the attributes can be previewed) at the cost of Arigora Coins.


Chrono Hunt

Rules Adjustments

As the technology develops in Neverfall, the Light Empress' Blessing can further improve the balance for Chrono Hunt. For all players of the same class who have received the Light Empress' Blessing, they have exactly the same attributes except their skills.

  • Operation Neutron Star will be available for a limited period of time. During the event, Chrono Hunt will use a balanced competition mode. All Chrono Hunters must receive the Light Empress' Blessing. When outside the event period, players can choose if they will receive the Light Empress' Blessing or not.
  • The Neutron Star is elusive and unpredictable. Players and go to the Paladin's Square and use the Chronoscope to acquire the time schedules for Operation Neutron Star.
  • The monsters in Chrono Hunt, Chrono Ghast (LV4 monster) and Chrono Wight (Lord of the Chrono Realm), will be immune to all negative effects.
  • During the Operation Neutron Star event, players can go to Royal Guard Ramore to take the quest Operation Neutron Star (Weekly). If they can survive in the Chrono Rift until the third chrono collapse (21 minutes), they can successfully stop the Neutron Star from expanding. They need to stop the Neutron Star from expanding for 10 times each week to complete the quest Operation Neutron Star (Weekly) and win wonderful rewards: Chrono Sand x250, Chrono Flux x1.
  • Players can use Chrono Sand and Chrono Flux at Chrono Researcher to craft Ringstar Weave: Cloud. They can refine Ringstar Weave: Cloud at the Chrono Researcher into Ringstar Weave: Glow.

 Newly added G18 Robe: Solar Drift series

  • Solar Drift series Robes can be acquired by upgrade the old Divine Ride robes at the Chrono Gear Researcher at the cost of Ringstar Weave: Glow.
  • Solar Drift series Robes can be reforged at Orynis Cloudshift (the attributes can be previewed) at the cost of Chrono Sand and Chrono Flux.


Territory War Adjustments

The Territory War has received an upgrade to its gameplay. There are adjustments made to declaration, rules, and rewards in order to provide freshness and a better game experience.

Territory Summary

  • Click "World Map (Default M)" - "Territories" or open "Faction" - "Territory War" to view the detailed information for Midlands in Perfect World.
  • The Territories have three levels, and gives different amounts of points when occupied. The total points of all occupied territories will affect some battle rules and rewards (check the Territory Points for details).
  • After occupying a territory, the players can get access to the tax income, Faction teleportation, and the Elixir crafting service at the territory officer.


War Declaration

  • During Wednesday 19:00 and Thursday 19:00, Faction Leaders can go to Midlands, and click Public Relations - Faction - Territory War - Declare War to make war declaration. The Declare War service is removed from War Managers and Teleporters.
  • When the player faction has no Territory, they can Declare War on any LV3 Territory; if they have a Territory, they can only Declare War on adjacent Territories; when they have occupied any two territories, they can Declare War on adjacent LV2 Territories; if they have occupied any 3 territories, you can Declare War on adjacent LV1 Territories.
  • Each week, a Faction can Declare War on 3 eligible territories one after another (can't be the same territory), and the results will be determined based on the bid price and the time of declaration. Each Faction can only make successful declaration on one territory. Once the target territory is determined, it can't be changed.
  • A Minimum Bid is required to Declare War, which is at least one Note. If the declaration is successfully made, the Minimum Bid will not be returned. If the declaration is failed, 90% of the Minimum Bid will be returned.
  • When declaring war on multiple territories, the Minimum Bid for the successfully declared one will not be returned. 90% of the Minimum Bid for those that have failed will be returned.
  • The game will announce the results via broadcasts every Thursday when the Declaration period ends.


Territory War Rules

  • When the Territory War has started, players can enter the battlefield via Faction - Territory War - Enter Instance, or via the War Managers in six main cities.
  • In the Battlefield, the two sides each has one HQ Crystal and 6 Guard Towers. The HQ Crystals are located in their bases at two corners of the battlefield, and the Guard Towers are located along upper, middle and bottom lanes. The HQ Crystal and the Guard Towers can not be attacked by players.
  • There are two Ruins in the battlefield, that will regularly spawn Giant Dragons. Defeating these Giant Dragons can summon two Catapults that can deal damage to HQ Crystals and Guard Towers.
  • The Catapults must be controlled by the players. They need to purchase Catapult Controller from the Battlefield Advisor and use it on the Catapult so it will follow them toward the enemies buildings and start attacking.
  • Players have to destroy all 6 Guard Towers with the Catapult before they are launch attack on the HQ Crystal. They can win the Territory War battle by destroying the HQ Crystal.


Territory Points

Arms of the Light Empress will be given to the side with less territories based on the different of their territory points.

  • Difference of Points = Enemy's Territory War Points - Own Territory War Points. The number of Arms of the Light Empress will be displayed based on this difference.
  • When the Difference is larger than 20, the number of Arms of the Light Empress you can gain is the same with the Difference.
  • When the Difference is smaller than -20, the number of Arms of the Light Empress the enemies can gain is the same with the negative value of the Difference.
  • All players can view the acquisition for all players in the collection menu.


Reward will be graded based on the Territory Points (refer to the Detailed Rewards)

  • LV1 Territory (2 in total): Each gives 10 Points
  • LV2 Territory (7 in total): Each gives 5 Points
  • LV3 Territory (43 in total): Each gives 1 Point


Detailed Rewards

  • With Territory Point x1, you can collect Territory Reward Proof x3; with Territory Point x5, you can collect Territory Reward Proof x15; with Territory Point x10, you can collect Territory Reward Proof x30.
  • Each week after the Territory War has ended, random rewards will be sent at 12:00 every Friday, which includes: Moonlight Crystal (Tradable), Halberd of Sovereignty (expires in 7 days).
  • The game will randomly choose one of the occupied territories, and send the reward to the Faction Leader's mailbox. The more points a territory values, the better chance it will be chosen.

Note: The Faction Leader's mailbox must have 3 available mail slots, or the reward will not be sent.

Note: The detailed instructions of a Territory War can be viewed in Territory War Declaration Help in the Territory War menu.


Other Adjustments and Updates

  • A number of in-game events have been added.
  • Closed Mirrorflower Treasury event in Primal World.
  • Closed the Airship Race, Neverfall Onslaught, Dreamweaver Treasure Hunt, and Scholarly Challenge events on Friday evening.
  • The Moonlight Crystal reward at the Divine Defenders Quartermaster and Imperial Vanquishers Quartermaster is changed into LV8 Glyph (selectable color). The Glyph can be embedded, but can't be upgraded, degraded, or used as materials to upgrade other Glyphs.
  • Removed the Moonlight Crystal exchange at Darkskin Menson in Snowy Village.
  • The Level and Boundary requirements to raise a Celestial Infant is changed to Reawakening II LV100. Celestial Matron is relocated to Archosaur North District (531,673).
  • Hide Fashion Weapon button: in the Fashion menu, a Hide Fashion Weapon button is added. Select this button to hide the Fashion Weapon in Fashion Mode.
  • New exchangeable items for Monthly Card
    • New items are added to Blessing Agent in Archosaur City that can be traded using Azure Cosmos Dust.
      • Dark Lords of Morai Box - Gives a Dark Lords of Morai set War Avatar Card.
      • Pogo Pet Egg and Poca Pet Egg can only be used after being added to the Codex.
  • Added the service to use Dark Ice Crystal to trade for LV8 Glyph (selectable color) to Darkskin Menson in Snowy Village (148,962). The Glyph can be embedded, but can't be upgraded, degraded, or used as materials to upgrade other Glyphs.
  • 5 sets of Fashion added to Transmutation's Male and Female services. Players can craft with a chance at the Mirrien, the Lady of Garment in Archosaur, North District (528,680)

Quest Optimization

  • Fixed the completion logic, party-up mode, and monster ownership for certain Main Quests and Cultivation Quests, so they can be completed more easily.
  • When successfully crafting the top Elysium series weapons (G17 T5 Weapons), a global broadcast will be sent. There is no need to take the quest from Vyn Yen, the Warrior.

Skill Optimization

  • Fixed the problem that Edgerunner's skill "Shield of Monstrosity" cannot reflect the negative status caused by enemies' Teleport skills.
  • Fixed the problem that Duskblade's skills "Distant Cloud", "●Distant Cloud", "○Distant Cloud", "ΦDistant Cloud", "ΩDistant Cloud" can not clear "ΨRelentless Drift" cooldown.
  • When Duskblade uses the skill "Reflection of the Moon" on Wildwalker, it will get the new skills "Reflection of the Mountain" and "Reflection of the Sky".

Codex Optimizations

  • Players who have collected all new Codex Fashion items, Flyers, and Mounts will be able to collect the gift box for these categories. After the update, players who own these gift boxes can go to Mirrien, the Lady of Garment, Wings Fairy Usha, and Mount Commander Furion to the take quest and collect the corresponding rewards.
  • The Year of the Ox Fashion items, Flyers, and Mounts acquired from the Mouse Collector Boxes are all bound, and will be the same with the items in the Boutique.
  • All Mouse Collector Boxes will be replaced with Ox Collector Box, and their collection quantity will be cleared with the update. The Mouse Collector Boxes will no longer be collected.

Wildwalker Optimizations

  • Added a one-off weapon Compensation Quest for Wildwalker, "Weapon Reappears". Wildwalker characters above LV68 can go to the Mailbox to take this quest, and get the rewards "★Solar Dragon" x1 and "★Ocean Breaker" x1.
  • Added a one-off teleporation Compensation Quest for Wildwalker, "Cloud of Blessings". Wildwalker characters can go to the Mailbox to take this quest, and get the rewards "Geographic Map" x1 or "War Avatar Treasure Box" x10.
  • Added the Legacy gear skins "★Legacy: Holocaust Tunic" and "★Legacy: Holocaust Cuisses".
  • Added the crafting option for Wildwalker's "Ring of Heavenly Profanity". Players can go to Light Envoy Jade Snow and use ★★★Ring of Zenithal Break and Dream Spirit Jadepad to craft it.
  • Added the quests "Tailor", "Blacksmith", "Craftsman", "Apothecary" at the Elder of the Lost for Wildwalker.
  • When successfully crafting the top Elysium series weapons (G14 T5 Weapons), a global broadcast will be sent. There is no need to take the quest from Vyn Yen, the Warrior.
  • In the Character Simulator, added the Wildwalker class, the new Boundary "Apex Sky", the new skill Righteous Origin, and G18 Weapons for all classes.
  • Technician's Rank 9 set "Frantic Destroyer" will display the Rank 8 set skin "Defiant Roar" in HD Mode.
  • Edgerunner's Rank 9 set "Divine Tolerance" will display the Rank 8 set skin "Brilliant Savior" in HD Mode.


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