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New Untamed Class - Wildwalker

By Fero | Sat 13 Nov 2021 08:00:00 AM PST

Our upcoming Fall Content Update for PWI features a new playable class, the Wildwalker! Here’s a first look!


In human form, this class is very agile and versatile with excellent control and stealth abilities – like Wind Step, a sprint skill with a very short cooldown. This allows for quick maneuverability on the battlefield to tag enemies with special marks: Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Ying and Yang. These marks can be utilized with other skills to produce more powerful control effects.

In ape form, the Wildwalker has unstoppable and brutal strength to dominate confrontations. All of these skills grant immunity against negative statuses while casting, making the Wildwalker extremely effective in close melee combat against other control or magic characters. This form exerts fearful control and damage output capability when combining its Cosmic Unity and Chaotic Breach skills with the Ying and Yang marks.

New Wildwalker characters use the detailed HD model by default, where you can customize body and facial features. Once entering the game, you can change between HD or SD modes or customize it again at the Cosmetic Master.

For the first 30 days after the update goes live, Wildwalker characters can take the “Changeable Ape” quest from Cosmetic Master Yun or Illian in Archosaur City to obtain a Makeover Scroll.


We’re looking forward to seeing you go ape over the new Wildwalker class soon!



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