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Celestials Feature Preview Part 2

By Anole | Tue 15 Dec 2020 02:30:00 PM PST


Take a sneak peek at some new things coming to PWI in the next update! 



Celestial Infant

A number of Divine Children were about to take the next steps in their growth. The gods decided to send the children to Perfect World to train. Their arrival in the Perfect World was detected by the Stargazer in Archosaur City, who was observing the cosmos while noticing six rainbow-colored meteors falling from the sky. He tried to notify the world of this phenomenon, but no one listened to him. He decided to set off and find the six falling stars to prove to the world. Through extensive astrological study and divination, the Stargazer eventually uncovered the mystery, and located the six Divine Children. He decided to help them complete their trials in Perfect World, and found out that their energy was scattered mostly in Elysium, while only a small portion was lost somewhere near Nicada in Western Continent. At the same time, the Genie patron Goddess took the Genie Greencko to train here. The Stargazer contacted them, asking them to help look for the Celestial Infant, and give the Celestial Infant to fated adventurers. 

  • Players above Reawakening II LV100 and Pious Sky I can talk to Stargazer in Archosaur City to take the quest to adopt a Celestial Infant. 
  • After completing the tutorial quests, you can go to Nicada city in Western Continent and talk to the Celestial Matron to adopt a Celestial Infant. You can choose the Celestial Infant's gender and give it a nickname. 
  • Celestial Infants of different genders can be awakened as different classes. Every celestial infant has a unique set of attributes. 
  • Once adopted, the children can be viewed in the Cultivation Menu, under Celestial Infant. You can complete daily quests to gain “Potential” points to help train the Celestial Infants. 
  • You can choose any awakened Celestial Infant to guard you. You can choose to battle as the Celestial Infant itself, by using Celestial Incarnation. The incarnation lasts 30 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 minutes. 




The Whispering Masuloeum Instance

As more and more adventurers started to explore the western frontiers, the lost history of that area also started to resurface. What intrigued everyone most was the great Mausoleum built at the border of the Midlands and the Western Continent. It was Zesian's final resting place, the Whispering Mausoleum. 

The Whispering Mausoleum is a new dynamic instance. It has shunned the traditional design of existing instances, and build upon the foundations of Quicksand Maze to create a whole new randomized instance system. The map, scenes, monster, boss, and other elements in the instance are all randomly generated, giving you a new experience each and every time you challenge it. 


  • Players that are higher than Reawakening II LV100 and Pious Sky I can go to the Gate of Cycles in Western Continent, and talk to the Soulless Wanderer to enter the instance. 
  • It costs a Whispering Mirror to enter the instance, which can be crafted at the Soulless Wanderer with Silent Sea Sandgrain and Dawnlight Feather. 


  • Soul Stone, Zenith Skull, Zenith Skull Shard, LV7 Glyph, LV4 Glyph, Neverfall Squire's Badge, Nebula Dust Orb, Skyhigh: Ether Jade, and more! 






These features and more are almost here! 

Check them all out after this week’s maintenance! 

Make sure to check out the official Celestial Update Website

Visit daily and receive a new random reward code



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