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PWI Content Update: Northern Realms

By Azureus | Wed 10 Jun 2020 01:00:00 AM PDT


A rift has opened into the Northern Realms, and now this once secret frozen land is now engulfed in the flames of war as multiple factions seek to plunder its treasures.



War in the Northern Realms

Vie for supremacy over the Northern Realms in this new large scale world activity.  Choose your Allegiance and battle for great glory and rewards!



The Cosmos Conduit

A new alchemic revelation is now allowing heroes to channel the very essence of Perfect World, further strengthening their powers.



New Boundary – Pious Sky

New powers unleashed from the Northern Realms have awakened our heroes to greater heights.


New Instance – Altar of Saintess

Venture deep into the Altar of Saintess where the Saintess Anlu is imprisoned.  Her fate lies in your hands…



Full Patch Notes Below

1. The Imperial Allegiance and the Theocratic Allegiance clash against each other. The Northern Realm shivers at the opposition of the two forces.

After months of effort by all adventurers of Perfect World, the Alpha Snow Wolf imprisoned at the Wolf's Shackle in Ulfgard finally managed to break free from its bounds. After releasing its energy and resonating with the relic, a Chrono Rift leading to the Northern Realm opened up.

To the shock of all, the Northern Realm became engulfed in a flame of war. Eldros, the Frost Emperor who was forsaken by the gods and banished by his subjects, returned to the Northern Realm with the aid of an unknown power. He marched his troops in opposition to the theocratic dominion and waged war against the gods! The entire continent was sundered by the two allegiances, the Divine Defenders led by the apostles, and the Imperial Vanquishers under the command of Eldros.

With this update, players will live through the war and bloodshed that takes place in the Northern Realm. We will also add the capital city of the Northern Realm—Glacier City—to the game later. This grand city enjoys equal glory to Neverfall of the Western Continent and Archosaur of the Midlands. During the millennia of its isolation, it was destroyed by war and forsaken by time. Now it stands once again in the north of Perfect World, its eminent walls revealing its sad past amongst the howling winds that enshroud it. A war continues to rage on between Eldros, the Frost Emperor who was sent into exile by the gods, and the people of faith led by the divine apostles. What changes will be brought to this conflict when the adventurers step in from the Midlands?


1.1. Requirements to enter the Northern Realm

Reawakening II LV105

Spiritual Cultivation: Celestial Saint

Boundary: Royal Sky I

Required to join an Allegiance

Players who have joined an Allegiance can enter via the Divine Defender Guide, Imperial Vanquisher Guide, or the Messenger of Time Woyo.

Keep in mind that Ulfgard will be temporarily closed.


1.2. Northern Realm Restrictions

Because warriors come to the Northern Realm from different servers, there are a few restrictions:

No infamy will be gained in the Northern Realm (if you already have a red name in your local server, you will not suffer the penalty in the Northern Realm).

Protections and Blessing/Healing Filter Settings will not apply.

Faction Signet and Squad Signet effects will not apply.

Duel is disabled.

Can't discard items or coins.

Can't set up vendor shops or trade.

Can't open Boutique or use Gold Trading related actions.

Can't use Auto Revive, no Guardian Scrolls will be used upon death, won't lose items or coins upon death.

Faction and Friend interactions are still available, but Master and Apprentice, Couple, and Alliance relationships are disabled.

Character Name Display: Green for players from the same Faction, Blue for players from the same Allegiance, and Red for enemy players.


1.3. Allegiance Rules:

The base rules of the Northern Realm are different from those of other regions. The players' allied or enemy relationships in their local servers will not apply in the Northern Realm. Players from the same Faction will only be able to join the same Allegiance.

Players of different Allegiances in the Northern Realm will have PvP automatically enabled. Players cannot party up with or complete quests with enemy players.

In the Northern Realm, the world chat channel will be replaced with the Allegiance channel. Messages sent in the Allegiance channel can only be viewed by players from the same Allegiance. However, you can still send chat messages to players of the enemy Allegiance via area channel or private message. Sending messages in the Allegiance channel will also cost a Teleacoustic.

If you die in the Northern Realm, you can choose to revive using a Resurrection Scroll, be revived by others, or revive at the nearest respawn point under the control of your Allegiance.


1.4. How to join an Allegiance

Joining an Allegiance is required to enter the Northern Realm. Players can choose to join an Allegiance at the Allegiance Guides in North Archosaur.

Players who have joined a Faction must wait until the Faction Leader joins an Allegiance. All Faction members must join the same Allegiance.

Players who have not joined a Faction can freely choose to join either Allegiance. However, after joining an Allegiance, they can only join a Faction with the same Allegiance.


1.5. How to switch Allegiance

Players can choose to leave their current Allegiance for another one at the Allegiance Guide in North Archosaur. However, after joining an Allegiance, there will be a 30-day cooldown period in which you won't be able to join a new one within 30 days.

If you choose to switch Allegiance, the Merit you gained for the original Allegiance will be lost. However, you can keep your Gold Blade Tokens and use them to trade for rewards and Cosmos Conduit items.


Allegiance Resources

Players can complete events, activities, and Military Order Board quests in the Northern Realm to win Merit and Gold Blade Tokens.

Merit measures the reputation you have gained for your Allegiance. It will affect the player's Combat Grade.

Gaining Combat Grades will unlock higher grade items for purchase. Each time you gain a Combat Grade, you will also win a unique title that can boost your Max HP.

Merit will not be consumed, but switching Allegiance will reset it.


Gold Blade Token:

Gold Blade Tokens are the currency used in the Northern Realm. They can be used to purchase special items and gear. Gold Blade Tokens will not be lost when switching Allegiance.


War in the Northern Realm

The Northern Realm has long been tormented by war. Only players who have joined an Allegiance can enter. The Northern Realm can be entered at any time, and will be regrouped on Wednesdays.

Aggressive Operations will start periodically, dividing the Northern Realm into peacetime and wartime. During peacetime conflicts, the two Allegiances will contend with each other around the Frozen Citadel at the center. Battle Cohesion can be gained from participating. During wartime, the Allegiance with higher Battle Cohesion will gather their full force and launch an offensive against the competing Allegiance in the Tundra Campaign. Players can also participate in this operation to help their Allegiance achieve victory.

 When the event concludes every Wednesday, each player's weekly contributions and the final Battle Cohesion of the two Allegiances will be calculated. All participants will receive a reward of Gold Blade Tokens.


1. Service Contribution

During peacetime, players must make Service Contribution to their Allegiance. There is a cap to the amount of contribution that can be made each day. By completing activities that qualify as contribution, players will win Merit and Gold Blade Tokens.


Army Supply Raid

Army Supply Raid is an Allegiance quest that can be taken during peacetime. Players will venture deep into enemy territory, harvest rare minerals, and deliver them back to the Quartermaster.

a. The player must pay 50 Service Contribution to take the quest "NR: Army Supply Raid" from the Quartermaster of their Allegiance;

b. The player must find Miracle Basalt Sand or Nether Blood Ore in enemy territory and harvest it in order to get three crates of army supplies. During transportation, each time the player is killed, one crate of army supplies will be dropped. The player can recover the dropped supply crate and resume transporting it.

c. If the player fails to recover a dropped crate within 10 minutes, the crate will disappear. If all three supply crates are lost, the quest will be failed. The player will need to manually trash the quest.

d. Players can also kill enemy players and take their supply crates. Each player can own at most five crates.

e. If the quest is failed and manually trashed, the paid Service Contribution will be refunded. If the quest is trashed the next day, the Service Contribution will not be refunded.

The Army Supply Raid quest will take up a large portion of Service Contribution, but due to its high risk, it will reward a large amount of Merit and Gold Blade Tokens. More importantly, completing this quest will influence the two Allegiances' Battle Cohesion. The Battle Cohesion of both Allegiances will be calculated based on the amount of supplies handed in by the players. If Battle Cohesion is gained by one Allegiance, it will be lost by the other, and vice versa.


World Events 

World Events are the collective sum of smaller conflicts. So far, the respective conflicts include Amethyst of Dawn, Icefield Standoff, Logistic Priority, and Crossing Path.

Available from 16:00 - 23:00 at every sharp hour during peacetime (8 sessions per day). Each World Event lasts at most 15 minutes.

Win/Lose Conditions: There is no definite winning or losing in these World Events. Each session starts with the two sides at the default score of 1500:1500—the sum of the two sides' scores will be fixed at 3000. Players must try to attain a higher score for their Allegiance while reducing the score of the opposing Allegiance.

There are different scoring rules for different World Events. Rewards will be given based on the final score once a session ends.

The final score of both Allegiances will be added to their respective Battle Cohesion.


Participation and Reward:

When a World Event session is active, any player who enters the event area or gets within a certain radius of the target location will automatically become a participant. Upon participating, the player will gain 50 Service Contribution, and rewards will be provided once the event ends. After participating in a session, even if the player logs off, they can still collect the reward for the session within one week, and the Service Contribution given will not be lost.


Military Order Board

The Military Order Board is a list of quests that players can complete for their Allegiance. Those who do not enjoy PVP can choose to make contributions this way.

From 16:00 to 24:00 every day except Tuesday, six different Military Order Board quests will be issued by the Commanders of both Allegiances. Three will be displayed by default. (A player who has joined an Allegiance for the first time and for less than a day must spend 100k Silver Coins to refresh the Military Order Board before they can take the quest. If you don't want to spend the money, you can choose to take the quest from the Military Order Board the second day.)

Players can spend 100k Silver Coins to refresh the Military Order Board to get their desired quest.

To take a Military Order Board quest, you need to pay 20 Service Contribution. If you have insufficient Service Contribution, you will not be able to take a quest. If you trash a Military Order Board quest within the same day, the Service Contribution will be refunded.

Completing a Military Order Board quest will give you a reward of 200 Merit and 200 Gold Blade Tokens.

Military Order Board quests don't affect Battle Cohesion.


2. Grand Allegiance War

Arctic Expanse Scramble

Participation: This event doesn't require Service Contribution. You can enter the battlefield during the event to take the reward quest for the current session.

Available from 20:20 to 20:50 every Wednesday to the following Monday. The weekly quests will be refreshed every Wednesday.

Win/Lose Conditions:

a. When an Allegiance occupies all 10 territories (all 10 flags are captured), it wins.

b. If neither Allegiance can occupy 10 territories within 30 minutes, then the session will end, and the Allegiance that owns more territories wins.

c. If the two Allegiances own the same number of territories when the battle ends, the Allegiance with the higher number of kills will win.

Battle Reward:

The rewards for Arctic Expanse Scramble contain two parts:

Players who have participated in the event and won will be rewarded with 3000 Merit. Those who lose will receive no reward.

Players who win in this event for the first time every week will win extra rewards: Soul Guide Incense x1, Soul Sunder Elixir x2, Soul Split Panacea x5.


Tundra Campaign

Participation: From 10:00 to 20:00 on Tuesdays, players can hand in the army supplies they have gathered from the previous week to the Arms Manager of their Allegiance to increase their Armament Level.

Available from 20:00 to 22:00 on Tuesdays

Win/Lose Conditions:

1. The two Allegiances each have 6000 starting points.

2. Points can be won by: destroying the enemy Arrow Tower, Barracks, or Workshop; killing enemy Apostle/Legionnaire/Warlord; and killing the Supreme Commander. The number of points provided will differ depending on the accomplished action.

3. When your own buildings are destroyed, or when your NPCs are killed, your Allegiance will lose points.

4. When either Eldros the Frost Emperor or Ian the Water Apostle is killed, the Tundra Campaign will end.

Battle Reward:

When the Tundra Campaign ends, both Allegiances' points will be converted into Merit and Gold Blade Tokens at a ratio of 1:1 and rewarded to players who have gained 10 layers of Arctic Warfare status. The Arctic Warfare status can be gained by killing enemy NPCs, destroying enemy buildings, or fighting in the battle area.

The final points of the Tundra Campaign will be multiplied by 8 and added to the Battle Cohesion.


New Gear

An ancient alchemist named Forsin the Revered crafted a magical instrument called the Cosmos Conduit. It can channel the magic energy that teems throughout Perfect World to enhance the user. Three sources of magic energy have been detected in the Western Continent and the Northern Realm. Slowly and subtly, the magic energy starts to flow between the three sites.

Players can use their own magic to activate the Cosmos Conduit and resonate with the magic energy of the land.


After entering the Northern Realm, you can take the quest "Cosmos Conduit" from the Cosmos Cartographer, and select a Cosmos Conduit of your preference. When you have selected a Cosmos Conduit, you can also spend Silver Coins to purchase another one from the Cosmos Cartographer.


You can use ctrl+left-click to open the Cosmos Conduit menu. You will find 10 pictures of Sites of Magic.

Each Sites of Magic picture contains 10 Leyline Nodes. The first 9 are common nodes, while the last one is a Dragon Node, which can provide greater attribute boost.

Leyline Reading

You can spend a Soul Split Panacea to imbue energy to the Cosmos Conduit and explore the Sites of Magic picture. When enough energy is accumulated, the next Leyline Node will be activated. Each reading also has a chance of triggering a Flash of Insight, which will directly activate the next Leyline Node.

Node Exploration

You can spend a Soul Split Panacea to explore the Leyline Node and randomly move in a direction deeper into the node. The bottom of the node has an abundance of magical energy, which can provide you with a great boost.


New Boundary

You must carry out the tasks of investigation and exploration at the same time. Put an end to the turmoil in the Western Continent as soon as possible.

Nicada, a great city of trade in the desolate wilderness

Despite being on the run, Aida continued to scourge the Western Continent with the wicked Changelings. They comprehended the mystery of minds in Nicada. Many innocent citizens were mentally controlled and forced into serving the Changelings. You must venture into the new region of the Western Continent and eliminate the Changelings hiding amongst commoners. Use your wit and courage to put Aida's back to the wall!


Requirement to take Western Continent quest of Pious Sky Boundary:

Reawakening II LV102

Spiritual Cultivation: Celestial Saint

Reach Boundary Royal Sky X

Players who meet the conditions can go to the Western Continent and take the Boundary Break quest. They can break into Pious Sky I at Pious Sky Envoy Kuza, and start the main quest for the Pious Sky Boundary.

There are three phases to advance through in the Pious Sky Boundary: Legend of a Treasure, Fairy Operation, and Cloud Top Dragon. Complete these quests to win EXP and Spirit in addition to Neverfall Squire's Badge x2, Barbaric Blood Crystal x2, Barbaric Blood x2, Soul Jade Necrolite x1, and Starglade Chest x1.


Phase 1 Daily Quest: Legend of a Treasure

Quest NPC: Wonder Scholar Vynias


New Instance

There was once a particular race of people who lived in Perfect World. They themselves possessed little vigor energy, so they had to depend on the divine empowerment to live and grow. To win the gods' favor, they fabricated a lie that involved a saintess who could bestow a person the ultimate power and privilege. Their absurdity brought forth the destruction of the entire people. As the only female of the race, Saintess Anlu was abducted by an unknown villain, and has never been seen again. A young warrior, Hoen, who was deeply in love with the Saintess, heard that she was imprisoned at the Altar of Saintess. Separated by life and death, he decided to bring up his blade and fight once again for his love.


Instance Name: Altar of Saintess

Requirement: Reawakening II LV105, Celestial Saint, and Royal Sky I

Entrance: Players who meet the conditions can collect the item "Secret Key of Blood" from Recruit Officer Taylor to enter the instance. Each player can challenge the instance once per day.

Note: Each player can collect a Secret Key of Blood from Recruit Officer Taylor each day. They can then choose whether to enter Altar of Saintess or Battle of Survival.

Instance Process:

This instance has two different endings. After entering the instance, the player can select a target to kill, which will direct them toward a corresponding ending. If the player chooses to help Hoen rescue Anlu, they will need to open the chain mechanism of the Altar of Saintess and simultaneously kill all four veins that bind the Saintess while making sure Anlu survives the onslaught of the minions spawning around the altar. There will only be one chance to rescue Anlu—if unsuccessful, you will need to come back the next day. On the other hand, if you believe Hoen's rescue operation was the result of some sinister plan, you can try to kill the Fake Saintess that pretends to be Anlu.


Same Instance, Different Endings

There are different follow-up challenges for the two storylines. If you manage to rescue the Saintess, you will face the three Altar Guards who mutually support one another. You will have to kill all three of them at the same time otherwise they will continuously heal each other.


If you fail the quest, you will lose the reward for the day.

If you manage to kill the Fake Saintess, you will eventually confront the mastermind behind the schemes, Seind. Seind is biologically a male, but is enthusiastic in dressing like a female. The lunatic man is a zealous collector of crystal statuettes of the Saintess. When Seind loses 50% HP, he will enter a state of rampage, giving him the ability to instantly kill players. You'll have to be tactical, because this state can last for a rather long duration. What he fears most is the spiritual tree that grows next to him. If you want to defeat Seind, you will have to wait until he lets his guard down. While he is appreciating the crystals, the spiritual tree will grow.


Different Rewards:

If you manage to save the Saintess, you will win Glyph Pack LV3, Saintess' Tear, and a large amount of Vitae.

If you manage to kill the Fake Saintess, you will win Barbaric Blood Crystal, Saintess' Tear, and a large amount of Vitae.

Saintess' Tear can be used to trade for Dull Zenith Skull Shard (Bound), Bless Box, Soulgem, and more. You can ask Recruit Officer Taylor for details.


Boutique Updates:

1. Added Celestial Memoire items: Memoire Key, Pill of Reminiscence, and Premium Celestial Pack.

2. Added Glyph conversion item: Glyph Color Stone

3. Added Allegiance conversion item: Recommendation Token. It will be sold at a special offer price of 9.9 CNY for the duration of one week. (The item lasts for 1 hour.)

4. Added Dark Lords of Morai Pack. Each account can only buy one of this item. The pack will be removed from the Boutique on December 1st.

5. Added Cosmos Conduit Pack, War Avatar Value Pack, Lucky Star Chart Pack, and Tome Refine Pack. Buy these items to get a Fortune Treasure Box for free. Each account can only buy one of each of these packs.

6. Mid-Autumn Fashion added: Silk Wisdom for male and Jade Revelation for female.

7. Added Recommendation Letter, which is used to clear the cooldown for joining an allegiance.


Addition and Optimization

1. Advanced Light Blessing status modified:

Based on the current Advanced Light Blessing, we optimized it for various classes.

- For Venomancer, Cleric, and Mystic: the stone for Helm, Body, and Legs are changed from Devil Stone to Serenity Stone

- For Psychic and Edgerunner: the stone for Weapon is changed to Ancient Unity Stone

- For all classes: the Duskborn Armors are embedded with the Sacred Spirit of powerful attributes. Some attributes can reduce Attack Interval for Light Armor classes, and other attributes can increase Channeling Speed for Arcane Armor classes;

- For all classes: the Duskborn Helms are embedded with Special Yellow Moonlight Crystal.

The Advanced Light Blessing status can be acquired from the Battle of Survival event and Arigora Colosseum Season Five.

Players are no longer immune to Disarm while under the Advanced Light Blessing status.

2. Battle of Survival

The Daily Quests are changed to "can be completed once per day."

Fixed the issue where players could not be teleported while in Meditation in the Battle of Survival map.

The required item to enter Battle of Survival is changed from Battle of Survival Pass to Secret Key of Blood. Players can still collect it from Recruit Officer Taylor every day.

3. Optimized the mechanism to save "Game - Hotkeys" settings. When a player logs off normally, their Hotkey settings will be saved to the server. When they log in from another device, their settings will be synced.

4. Twilight Temple: Cloud Abode

Fixed the issue where, from a certain point of view, the connecting bridge would disappear in Twilight Temple: Cloud Abode.

Fixed the issue where certain special effects did not display in Twilight Temple: Cloud Abode.

5. Added a service to convert Glyphs: Players can go to Assistant Wang Tsai to convert LV8+ Glyphs to other colors.

6. Increased the cap of Vitae gained by Royal Sky players from killing monsters every day to 25,000.

7. Vitae Monster: Sacred Spirit: Royal Sky will be spawned in the Gemini Plains area west of Polydeux in the Western Continent.

8. Passive Skills: The level cap of Ward of Bane and Cosmic Blessing is increased to LV10. Players can trade for the skillbooks from Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall in the Western Continent.

9. The upper limit to take the three Boundary daily quests "Flame of Vengeance", "Reborn in Fire", and "This War o' Mine" is changed to Royal Sky X.

10. Return feature modified:

The Inviter and Invitee connection rule is changed to: Only one character from a returner account can be connected to an inviter. When a character is successfully connected to an inviter, the other characters from the same account (across all servers) can no longer be connected.


11. Northern Realm optimizations:

a. Adjusted the attack mode of the Outpost Officers of the two armies so that they can better protect their outposts.

b. During peacetime, when players revive after death or return to any respawn point, they will get some basic defensive bonuses as well as a short invincibility.

c. Greatly reduced the HP of the two Commanders and Provision Convoys during the Northern Realm events "Icefield Standoff" and "Logistic Priority".

d. Fixed the issue where the Death count for the two Allegiances was incorrect during Arctic Expanse Scramble.

e. The two Allegiance guides in North Archosaur no longer give out Recommendation Letters to players.

12. Fixed the issue where the Blademaster Skill "ΨOcean's Edge" with Ethereal Glyph recovers the incorrect amount of Chi.

13. Fixed the issue where the Wizard Skill "ΣMagical Ice Shield" may freeze other players in safe zones upon breaking.

14. Fixed the issue where the Wizard Skill "ΨWill of the Phoenix" with Verdant Glyph could not push monsters.

15. Fixed the issue where Assassins could not enter Stealth in the Northern Realm events.

16. Optimized the damage composition of Assassin Skill "ΨElimination" with Argent Glyph.

17. Fixed the description text for Technician and Edgerunner skillbooks in the Boutique.

18. Fixed the issue where the Sanctified Tome X description didn't include Technician skills.

19. Fixed the issue where Pets could not attack aerial monsters.

20. Fixed the issue where Pet Attributes were incorrectly displayed in the Pet Bag.

21. Star Chart items and Cosmos Conduit items can be placed in the Cupboard.



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