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Stay at Homestead Care Package

By Azureus | Fri 27 Mar 2020 10:00:00 AM PDT

Let's spend some time together in these trying times!

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis, the PWI team would like to encourage our players to try to stay home as much as possible.  To help you with that, we'd like a provide a "care package" to get you to spend more time with us in our Perfect World! Please redeem this following code for some useful items.   

Code: xyjdsfDl

Expires after: April 30th, 2020

  • Code is redeemable up to 5 times per account.
  • All items received in codes are bound to account and cannot be traded or account stashed.
  • Please make sure you have enough space in your mailbox before redeeming your code.
  • Some items received through codes may be ticket items, which require at least one quest slot to auto redeem and at least 2 free bag spaces.
  • If you are unable to redeem a code right away, please try again in a few minutes as the volume of redeems might be high at that time.
  • Newly created characters or accounts may have issues redeeming codes, if this happens, wait a while and then try again.

This code takes up a total of 5 slots in your mailbox! Please be sure to have space before redeeming! The Special Packs also take up additional spaces in your bag when redeemed – be sure you clear up enough space otherwise the quest will not complete and you will not receive the items in the packs.


Redeem this code to receive the following:

  • Ancient Gift x30
  • 100 Event Gold Ticket x1
  • Dark Jade Soulstone x1
  • War Front Warrior Supply Ticket x1
    • Contains:
      • Ginseng Tonic Rice Balls x100
      • Feastworthy Crab Dumplings x100
      • Mystical Pill x10
      • Teleacoustic x10
      • Teleport Incense x10
      • Teleport Stone x10
      • Angel of Wishes x10
      • Radiant Shard x5
      • Hyper EXP Stone x5
      • Silver Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Silver Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
  • Good Luck Gift Pack x1
    • Contains:
      • Ginseng Tonic Rice Balls x400
      • Feastworthy Crab Dumplings x400
      • Mystical Pill x40
      • Teleacoustic x40
      • Teleport Incense x40
      • Teleport Stone x40
      • Angel of Wishes x40
      • Radiant Shard x10
      • Hyper EXP Stone x10
      • Vitae Pill x10
      • Teleport Bell (7 Days) x1
      • Auto-Recovery Stone (7 Days) x1
      • Foxy Smiley Set Period (7 Days) x1
      • Holy Pill x10
      • Tiger Vendor Shop (7 Days) x1
      • Silver Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Silver Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Gold Guardian Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Gold Spirit Charm (30 Days) x1
      • Lovestruck Guppy Egg


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