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Holiday Login Rewards & Marketplace Update

By Shalenak
Wed 28 Nov 2018 10:00:00 AM PST


Login Event – Holiday Individual Rewards



Login Event Starts: Wednesday, November 28th @10:00 AM PT


Login Event Ends: Wednesday, January 9th @11:59PM PT



If you are LV80+, each day that you log into PWI for at least 1 hour during the promotion period, you will receive these gifts:


 Event Gold Scratchcard x1

Ancient Gift x1

War Avatar Treasure Box x1


*** Please wait up to 2-3 hours after your character has qualified for a tier in order to receive the mails containing your rewards. ***



  • You character must be level 80+ in order to receive the rewards. If you hit level 80 during the event, you need to login again to start qualifying.
  • You need to exit the game and log in again for the next day to count.
  • In order for all of your characters to receive prizes, you must log into each character. No logins will be counted if you stay logged in the game continuously.
  • You are not required to login for consecutive days but you will only receive prizes the days you log in. This means you can take a few days off in between.

Please note:

  • The items will be sent to your mailbox.
  • All items are bound.
  • You cannot put any of the items in your stash.
  • The days are separated by UTC time, 12:00AM (midnight) – 12:00AM (midnight next day), except for the first and last days.
  • Login rewards can only be redeemed once per character per day.



Marketplace Update


Start : 11/28/2018 @ 1:00 AM PT

End : 12/11/2018 @ 1:00 AM PT


This week, the  Vyn Ren’s Treasure, a box of treasures brought from Elysium by Vyn Ren's ancestor is available at the following prices and quantities:

1 for 75 Silver

10 for 7 Gold and 50 Silver

20 for 14 Gold

50 for 30 Gold

100 for 50 Gold


 Elysian Raccoon


 Silvery Jade (F


 Dragon Shadow (M)


Curious about what else you can get inside Vyn Ren’s Treasure? Read the droplist below:

Lucky Coin

Golden Coin

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Diamond of Tiger

Diamond of Dragon

Garnet Gem

Sapphire Gem

Citrine Gem

Stone of the Savant

Primeval Stone

Brilliance Stone

Yaksha Stone

Battlement Stone

Scroll of Tome

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Warsong Marshal Badge

Jaden Crystal

☆☆☆Crown of Madness

☆☆Matchless Wings

☆☆Sky Cover

☆☆Cloud Stir

Dustfall Relic

Dustfall Artifact

Reawakening VI Finger Bead

Bookless Transcript

Script of Fate

Mysterious Chip Box

Wishful Wing Token

Accessory Socket Stone

Goldfoil: Heaven Relic

Goldfoil: Spirit Gem

Goldfoil: Eon Ore

Goldfoil: Aqua Crystal

Lord of Morai Avatar Chest

Warsong City Avatar Chest

Grand Commander's Order

Cube of Fate Stamp

Minor Squire's Badge Pack

Nebula Dust Orb Pack

Dull Zenith Skull Shard Pack

Sigil of Elysium Pack

Dragonbreath Sigil Pack

Wind Dance Wing Ticket

Silvery Jade Fashion Pack

Dragon Shadow Fashion Pack

Small Lv1 Glyph Pack

Ancient Emblem

Elysian Raccoon Mount Egg



Home Sweet Homestead


This week, the following Homestead Items are on sale!


 Garden: Autumnrouge

 Garden: Mistflower

 Garden: Rockbamboo

 Garden: Lilytuber

 Terrain: Vivid Spring

 Terrain: Endless Dunes

 Terrain: Silver Coat

 Terrain: Flaming Grove

 Terrain: Paradise Island

 Terrain: Sky Castle

 Biome: Sky Castle

 Biome: Paradise Island

 Aether: Sky Castle

 Aether: Paradise Island


Ultimate: Maple Mansion


Ultimate: Bamboo Garden


 Bloom Whisper Stone

 Artisan Heart Stone

 Professional Trophy Chest

 Minor Homestead Supply Bag

 Major Homestead Supply Bag

 Minor Homestead Supply Crate

 Major Homestead Supply Crate


   Nether Essence are on sale for 20 Gold!


What are Nether Essence used for?

They unlock new shapeshifting forms for Barbarians and Venomancers! These new forms are even more powerful, and you'll have the choice to appear as the old shapeshifted appearances or take on new, fearsome guises! You must already have Demon or Sage level shapeshifting and be Lv100+. Next, head over to your Barbarian or Venomancer skill trainer and they'll give you two options: obtain a Nether Essence from the Boutique, or obtain a Nether Soulcore from a quest line!

Venomancer Spirit Fox Form


Barbarian Panda Form:



The following Boundary leveling pills are on sale at 50% off!

 Arcane Sky Pill

 Mirage Sky Pill

 Astral Sky Pill

 Shifting Sky Pill



Deck the Homestead


The following Christmas Homestead Decorations will be on sale from now until 12/26!


 Fortune: Colorful Balloon - 50 Silver

 Fortune: Wishful Sock – 50 Silver

 Fortune: Crystal Flake – 50 Silver

 Fortune: Heartwarming Snowshoe – 2 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Parachute of Happiness – 2 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Christmas Gift Box – 2 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Christmas Tree – 3 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Santa Claus – 3 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Joyful Snowman – 5 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Happy Snowman – 5 Gold 50 Silver

 Fortune: Gingerbread House – 5 Gold 50 Silver





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