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Marketplace & X2 Event Update

By Shalenak | Wed 14 Nov 2018 01:00:00 AM PST

This week, catch a Star Chart items sale, Dragon Orb Packs and crafting mastery items.

X2 EXP / X2 Money / X2 Drops is also active on all servers for this duration!



Start: 11/14/2018 @ 1:00 AM PT

Ends: 11/27/2018 @ 1:00 AM PT



The Starseeker Powder, a must-have for all PWI players willing to make the most out of their Star Charts! It allows you to perform Stargazing and change which star points – and therefore which Attributes - you want to activate.

1 for 75 Silver


The Nebula Dust Orb, an essential item for conducting Horoscopes on your Star Charts. It randomly shifts the attribute quantity, attribute content, and attribute position. It’s available at the following quantities:

1 for 50 Silver

10 for 5 Gold

50 for 20 Gold



The Astrospira Pearl LV1 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 10.

1 for 50 Silver

The Astrospira Pearl LV2 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 15.

1 for 1 Gold


The Astrospira Pearl LV3 can be used when the total aptitude is lower than 20.

1 for 2 Gold


The Astrospira Pearl LV4 can be used when the total aptitude has reached 20.

1 for 75 Silver


The Wraith Officer's Badge, a badge that can be turned in at the Commander-in-Chief (521 626) for 25 Reputation. Raise your rep to gain access to special rank gear! It’s available at the following quantities:

10 for 5 Silver

50 for 23 Silver

100 for 40 Silver


The Golden Splendor, an item used to unbind Rank 8 upgrade materials.

1 for 1 Gold and 50 Silver

Up your crafting game with these booster items, available 50% off at 15 Gold each!

Expert Blacksmith I

Use this item to max out your Blacksmith Skill Levels.


Expert Tailor I

Use this item to max out your Tailor Skill Levels.


Expert Craftsman I

Use this item to max out your Craftsman Skill Levels.


Expert Apothecary I

Use this item to max out your Apothecary Skill Levels.


 Dragon Orb Pack and  Dragon’s Fire Pack will also be on sale so pick them up while you can!



Tis the Season For Jolly Fashion Pt. 1

This week, pick up some Christmas Themed fashion sets. These fashion sets will be in the shop until 12/26 1:00AM PT!


Christmas Caroler (M)


Christmas Caroler (F)


Start shopping today!



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