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Treasure Seeking Update & Fortune Key Sale

By Shalenak
Wed 07 Nov 2018 01:00:00 AM PST

The Treasure Seeking rewards have been updated for this holiday season!  Here's what to look out for:



Fortune Key Sale 

Don't miss out on this Fortune Key discount, available only for a few days:


Start: 11/7/18 1:00AM PT

End: 11/10/18 1:00AM PT



Mystic Maneater

The PWI 10th Anniversary mount designed by WangYun of Tideswell is now a possible reward in Treasure Seeking!


Royal Guardian of Yvillis

The PWI 9th Anniversary mount designed by Yvillis of Etherblade is now a possible reward in Treasure Seeking!


Crown of Madness Chance Doubled


The chance to win Crown of Madness in Treasure Seeking has been doubled, only for this holiday season!



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