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Marketplace Update

By Shalenak | Sun 16 Sep 2018 01:00:00 AM PDT

Prepare for Redemption with our War Avatar weekend!


Starts09/16/2018 at 01:00 am PT

Ends09/17/2018 at 01:00 am PT


The following items will NOT be removed after the sales.


Acquiring new units also comes with a certain measure of Leadership, so take that to the next level with  War Avatar Catalyst.

1 for 20 Silver


The  War Avatar Essence, an item used to craft type-specific War Avatar Packs at the Resistance Force Leader in Kirin Town is available in the Marketplace at the following prices and quantities:


1 for 40 Silver

10 for 4 Gold

100 for 40 Gold



Starts09/17/2018 at 01:00 am PT

Ends09/18/2018 at 01:00 am PT


The  Chienkun Stones is also on sale this week, 20 Silver for one or 2 Gold for ten.



Starts09/18/2018 at 01:00 am PT

Ends09/19/2018 at 01:00 am PT


The following items will be removed after the sales. 


Collect some more  War Avatars and increase your powers with the return of the following War Avatar items –

  • War Avatar Battle 
  • War Avatar Longevity 
  • War Avatar Durability 
  • War Avatar Soulprime 
  • War Avatar Lifeprime 
  • War Avatar Destroyer




Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

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