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Labor Day Celebrations

By sunnys1deup | Thu 30 Aug 2018 01:00:00 AM PDT

Labor Day Charge RewardsEnd of Summer Ultimate Spend Promo | End of Summer Sale!

Our most popular chance packs return for a limited time!



To celebrate the US labor day here's a small gift for you: 


Hyper EXP Stone Ticket x1 

10 Event Gold Ticket x1 

War Avatar Pack C x5 

The code is limited to 1 redeem per account and it expires after Friday, September 7 2018.


Starts08/30/2018 at 01:00 am PT

Ends09/04/2018 at 01:00 am PT


x3 EXP/x2 Drop/x2 Money active until end of Sunday 9/2
Wraith Hunters in-game event active until end of Wednesday 9/5



The following items will be removed after the sales. 


The  War Avatar Chest: S and  War Avatar Chest: A will be removed from the Marketplace after the duration of the sale.



 Crown of Sochi


Don’t let this opportunity go and take your chance to win rare fashion sets, a Colored Deer mount, rare pieces of gear or R9 essentials such as the Medal of Glory and General Summer’s Token.


1 for 25 Silver

10 for 2 Gold and 50 Silver

20 for 5 Gold

50 for 12 Gold and 50 Silver

100 for 25 Gold


 Colored Deer



 Dark Lord Set (Ivory)



 Dark Lord Set (Onyx)

 Demure Attendant Set


Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below:

Lucky Coin

Golden Coin

Imperial Exam List

Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Onyx)*

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Ivory)*

Platinum Spirit Charm

Demure Attendant Fashion Pack*

Platinum Guardian Charm

Warsoul: Samantabhadra

Garnet Gem

Warsoul: Arkarsja

Citrine Gem

Warsoul: Jakari

Sapphire Gem

Warsoul: Manjusri

Diamond of Tiger

Warsoul: Avalokites

Diamond of Dragon

Warsoul: Ksitigarbha

Stone of the Savant

Warsoul: Vajra

Primeval Stone

General Summer's Token*

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Medal of Glory*

Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon

☆☆Sky Cover*

Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament

☆☆Cloud Stir*

Warsong Marshal Badge

☆☆Matchless Wings*

Cube of Fate Stamp

Scroll of Tome

Colored Deer Egg Ticket*

☆☆☆Crown of Madness*

Stone of the Jungle Pack

☆☆☆Wings of Ascension*

Wishful Wing Token






 Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove

A treasure from the Valley of the Hidden Orchid, it may contain an Orchidmane Hippogriff mount. The treasure is available at 25 Silver or at the following prices:


10 for 2 Gold and 50 Silver

20 for 5 Gold

50 for 12 Gold and 50 Silver

100 for 25 Gold


 Orchidmane Hippogriff


 Dapper Rose Set (male)


 Cherry Topper Set (female)



The following All – Class pets will be on sale for 20 Gold each!


All-seeing Eyeman


Wily Raccoon (Male)


Wily Raccoon (Female)





The following Sky Boundary Pill items will be on sale at the following prices:

 Arcane Sky Boundary Pill - 25 Gold

 Mirage Sky Boundary Pill - 35 Gold

 Astral Sky Boundary Pill - 140 Gold

 Shifting Sky Boundary Pill - 360 Gold


The  Illusionary Crystals will be going on sale 30 Gold.


And finally, the  Spotted Felis Pet Egg and  Derjan's Ancient Hatchling Egg will be both on sale for 25 Gold.



Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

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