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Journey Through 10 Years Community Event

By sunnys1deup | Fri 07 Sep 2018 11:00:00 AM PDT


Good work everyone! We have achieved all 10 objectives, please redeem this code for your bonus 100 Event Gold!


Event Description

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, we'll be revisiting some of the iconic features introduced over the years.  Journey Through 10 Years is a community-wide event that consists of 10 objectives.  Starting now until October 5, the community will work together to complete each objective.  All individual contributions will go towards the community total required for each objective.  Each objective completed will grant everyone rewards! Complete all 10 objectives before the end of this event to receive a bonus 100 Event Gold!

Check this page to see how your community is doing! Progress will be updated each week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Reward codes will be posted here as objectives are completed.

  • Each code is redeemable once per account.
  • All items received through redeeming codes will be bound to your character.
  • All codes will expire on October 6, 2018.
  • Redeem reward codes here:

Good luck and have fun!

Please visit 10th Anniversary Celebrations to check out activities and more!


Twilight Genies

Community Objective

  • Craft 35,000 Genies
  • Craft 7,500 Old Heaven' s Tear Armor Pieces

Reward : 8qtyJXtu

  • 1 Dragon Orb Pack (bound)


Tides of Nirvana

Community Objective

  • Sell any 2,000,000 Dragon Quest items to NPCs

Reward : ruTTddcr

  • 1x Ancient Gift
  • 1x Barbaric Blood
  • 1x Primordial Blood


Lucky Change

Community Objective

  • Consume 25,000 Lucky Coins

Reward : nloUNgx4

  • 1x War Avatar Pack S


Dazzling Warmind

Community Objective

  • Consume 100,000 Supply Tokens

Reward : jFEHxIwT

  • 1x War Avatar Pack C


Primal Avatars

Community Objective

  • Title: War Avatar Rookie obtained 2,500 times

Reward : 83hK3P8k

  • 1x War Avatar Pack A



Community Objective

  • Consume 15,000 Fortune Keys

Reward : r1G9d01H

  • 1x War Avatar Chest A


Underworld Raider

Community Objective

  • Defeat 15,000 bosses in Icebound Underworld

Reward : qfrinshu

  • 1x Dragon Orb Ocean


Secluded Paradise

Community Objective

  • Complete Uncharted Paradise 300 times

Reward : FGLkjDNw

  • 20 Event Gold


Replicant Light

Community Objective

  • Complete Dawnlight Halls 300 times

Reward : FqZWk06X

  • 1x War Avatar Chest B


Dimensional Wonders

Community Objective

  • Collect 100 Ten Dimensions Trial Chests

Reward : 9D3c8n78

  • 50 Event Gold


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