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Expansion Feature Spotlight #1

By Lugia | Sun 29 Jul 2018 12:00:00 AM PDT

Take a sneak peek at some changes coming to Tomes in the next expansion!


Tome Refinement and System Changes!

Tomes can now be refined, just like normal gear! Players can go to the Elders in all cities to refine their Tomes and gain powerful Spirit attributes.

The higher the Tome's grade is, the more Spirit stats players will gain. At various Tome refinement levels, extra Attack attributes will unlock.


Tome Refinment Menu


Items Needed for Refinement –

 Mirage Chart (Required)

Two Mirage Charts is required for every refinement. To the right of the Mirage Chart slot is a selection for assisting items, such as Heaven Guard Chart, Earth Guard Chart, Celestial Secret Chapter, and Dimension Secret Chapter. All these items (including Mirage Charts) can be purchased from the Boutique when the expansion launches.


 Tienkang Chart

Only useable on bound gear.

Improves the result of Tome Refinement.


 Tisha Chart

Only useable on bound gear.

Slightly improves the result of Tome Refinement.

Refinement Level drops by 1 when it fails.


 Celestial Secret Chapter

Level 1 through 5 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate.


 Dimension Secret Chapter

Level 1 through 8 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate.


As you Refine your tome, the amount of stats you will gain in further refinement levels as well as the Extra Activation will be displayed in the Tome Refinement Menu.


Note: if a refinement fails, it will reset back to 0 refinement.


Tome Refinement can be transferred as well with Chienkun Stones


Tome Upgrade System Adjustments

The mechanics to upgrade certain Tomes are also adjusted.

Players can upgrade their Tomes (requires Craftsman LV1) at Nature Forge: Tome Upgrade and Nature Forge: Tome Advanced, or at Tome Furnace in North Archosaur.

Some LV1-LV5 Tomes can be decomposed into different numbers of Book of Old Principles, which can be used to upgrade Tomes.


Obtaining Book of Old Principles

Go to the Nature Forge : Tome Upgrade -> Decompose Ornament


Nature Forge : Tome Upgrade


For LV6-LV9 Tomes, they can still upgraded using the existing methods. When upgrading Tomes, Chienkun Stones can be used to keep the Refinement level.



We hope you enjoyed this first Expansion Feature Spotlight for the Fall 2018 expansion! Discuss this and the future update on our official forums!

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