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Four Nations Emperor Tomes

By Lugia | Thu 12 Jul 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

For the month of July, we’re bring out the Emperor Tomes gifted from the Four Nations!

A grand total of (4) Emperor Tomes will be distributed during this event!


Emperor 1 - Crown of Sochi Raffle 

From July 4th @ 1:00 Server Time to July 11th @ 1:00 Server Time, pick up Crown of Sochi and get a chance to win an Emperor Tome!


Emperor 2

From July 11th @ 1:00 Server Time to July 25th @ 1:00 Server Time, pick up Fortune Keys and get a chance to win an Emperor Tome!


Emperor 3

*More details on this in the near future*


 Emperor 4

*More details on this in the near future*



  1. Chance Packs or Fortune Keys that qualify as entries must be purchased directly from the Cash Shop. Chance Packs or Fortune Keys currently circulating in-game or that are bought/sold/traded/dropped in-game will not count!
  2. The item (count) purchased for the specially marked item in the “International Tiger Day” Charge Rewards campaign counts as one entry. If the item noted has multiple items per “stack” each individual “count” of that item counts as one entry. Example – if you buy an item that has a stack quantity of 2, it will count as 2 entries.
  3. All servers are included in this event.
  4. If you have won once during this special event, you will not be able to win again.
  5. You will not be sent any items in the in-game mail to track how many entries you have gained from Purchasing items via the Cash Shop or Charge Rewards. All tracking will be done by PWI staff.
  6. You will not receive any items in the in-game mail to track how many times you have opened the noted Celestial Packs from the Celestial Tigers Event. All tracking will be done by PWI staff.
  7. Purchasing large quantities of the specified items (Chance Packs, Fortune Keys or specified Charge Reward items) will increase your chances to win but you are not guaranteed to win from participating in any or all of these events.
  8. Prizes from this event will be sent directly to your in-game mailbox. Please ensure you have enough room to receive your rewards.


Announcements for each type of event will be made after it completes. All announcements will be done on Facebook and Twitter.


Emperor 1 (Crown of Sochi Raffle) – July 18th 

Emperor 2 (Fortune Key Raffle) – August 08th 

Emperor 3  – *Date to be announced*

Emperor 4 – *Date to be announced*


Good luck PWI players!

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