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Important Notices For Next Expansion

By Lugia | Mon 25 Jun 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

Please read for information that could be impacting important systems and items in the next big expansion!


PWI’s next expansion is on the horizon and with it comes some key changes we wanted to let our players know about! Please read the following carefully and plan accordingly!


Icebound Underworld Entrance Item Changes

Dark Jade Soulstone will no longer be available from the small Perfect Chest.

Please note: keep an eye out for events that will provide additional Jade Soulstones as prizes or event items. We will continue to provide these items throughout the year despite this change!


Flowsilver Palace Judgement Quest Changes

The reward option to select “Starglade Chest, Astrobana Pearl Lv1, Astrospira Pearl Lv1, Nebula Dust Orb, Shiny Flowsilver Coin" is removed.

In Icebound Underworld however, a daily quest has been added for the following rewards - Starglade Chest x1, Astrobana Pearl Lv1 x4, Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x4, Nebula Dust Orb x2.


Gem Series Grade Changes

Brilliance series Gems are now getting an upgrade to their grade!

Brilliance Stone will be Grade 9

Expedient Brilliance Stone will be Grade 10

Perfect Brilliance Stone will be Grade 11

Astral Stone will be Grade 12

Raven Stone will be Grade 13


This means that these gems will no longer work with lower grade Accessories! Fear not though – already embedded gems will not be affected by this change!

Please be sure to embed your gems before the update if you are using gear that would no longer be able to take the newly upgraded gems.


Changes at “Tome” Forges in Thousand Streams

New changes have come to the forges in Thousand Streams!

Upgrades to tomes require Level 1 Craftsman.

Upgrading tomes will require a material obtained from decomposing certain lower level tomes. The option to decompose Tomes will be available at the Nature Forge : Tome Upgrade forge.

For higher level tomes, their upgrade methods will still remain the same.

Stay tuned for additional details on these changes!



As the expansion draws nearer, keep an eye out on our Official Facebook, our Twitter and our blogposts for sneak peeks at all the upcoming content!

Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

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