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Patchnotes – Wonderland Spring Content Update

By Lugia
Wed 16 May 2018 12:00:00 AM PDT

Learn about all the changes coming in the new content update!




New Instance: Icebound Underworld


Killing these fierce demons will be well worth your while!

19 Bosses, with 999 seconds to endure what they throw at you! Defeat as many as you can during the time limit and earn rewards.

Warriors who reach Reawakening II LV100, with Shifting Sky I can complete the quest This War o' Mine in Primal World everyday to get the item Dark Jade Soulstone, which is the ticket to enter the Icebound Underworld. You can also obtain a Dark Jade Soulstone from the “Unique Rewards” chest once a day.

The Dark Jade Soulstone will expire in 24 hours, so warriors should make their way to Temple of Shadows of the Nightshade and enter the Icebound Underworld via Icebound Envoy Frostavus to start the challenge as soon as they can.

From Stage 1 to Stage 9, players will get Underworld Glowstone to trade for gears and other items such as Dragon Orb (8 Star), Astrobana Pearl, War Avatar Pack C etc.

From Stage 10 to Stage 19, players will get Underworld Goldstone to trade for powerful bless boxes, Nebula Dust Orb, Dragon Orb Ocean etc.

Stage 5, Stage 10, Stage 15, and Stage 19, will also have extra boss loot such as War Avatar Pack C, Lv4 Glyph, Mirage Celestone, Dragon Orb Ocean Shard etc.

The 19th boss can not be killed, but each time you defeat it, you will get rewards such as LV4 Glyph, Dragon Orb Ocean, and so on.


Rewards to exchange from Underworld Glowstone and Underworld Goldstone

Item Material Material 1 Quantity Material 2 Material 2 Quantity
Primordial Ring Underworld Glowstone 120    
Dull Iceheart Glow Order Underworld Glowstone 150    
Dull Coldblood Rime Order Underworld Glowstone 150    
Nether Samsara Order Underworld Glowstone 140    
Archaic Samsara Order Underworld Glowstone 140    
Astrospira Pearl Lv1 Underworld Glowstone 1    
Astrobana Pearl Lv1 Underworld Glowstone 1    
War Avatar Pack C Underworld Glowstone 1    
Fortifications Essence Underworld Glowstone 2    
Dragon Orb (8 Star) Shard Underworld Glowstone 9    
Dragon Orb Ocean Shard Underworld Glowstone 9 Underworld Goldstone 9
Peerless Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Invincible Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Fearless Blessing     Underworld Goldstone 9
Nebula Dust Orb Underworld Glowstone 4 Underworld Goldstone 4
Dragon Orb 5 Star Underworld Glowstone 45    
Garnet Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Sapphire Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Citrine Gem Underworld Glowstone 200    
Icebound Jade Box     Underworld Goldstone 2


 Rewards to exchange from Dragon Orb Shards and Gear Orders

Item Material Quantity
 ★Chaotic Sign of Frost Primordial Ring  1
★Chaotic Sign of Antiquity   Primordial Ring 1
★★Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain  Shining Iceheart Glow Order 1
★★Puzzle Cube Badge·Vain  Shining Iceheart Glow Order 1
★★Warsong Barrier·Void  Shining Coldblood Rime Order 1
 ★★Warsong Lock·Void  Shining Coldblood Rime Order 1
★★Lion's Roar Helm Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Shadow Ashura Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Sacred Legate Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
★★Lion's Roar Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order  1
 ★★Shadow Ashura Cloak Archaic Samsara Order  1
 ★★Sacred Legate Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Cascade Glow Helm Nether Samsara Order  1
★★Myriad Blossom Helm  Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Dragon Rise Hat Nether Samsara Order  1
 ★★Cascade Glow Cape  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Myriad Blossom Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
 ★★Dragon Rise Cloak  Archaic Samsara Order 1
Dragon Orb (8 Star)   Dragon Orb (8 Star) Shard 100
 Dragon Orb Ocean Dragon Orb Ocean Shard  180


Returning World Boss: Sarokkan the Dragon Touched

Time: 22:00 Server time every Saturday

Where: Icy Snowfield (429,604) in Primal World (Story Mode)


When it is killed, a treasure chest will spawn containing x30 Ten Million Big Notes. Six other chests will spawn randomly at six different locations, listed below –

Primal World (Story Mode): Icy Snowfield (439,612)

Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier (451,609)

Primal World (Story Mode): Northern Luneskan Frontier (462,607)

Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (438,586)

Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (421,585)

Primal World (Story Mode): Glacial Prison (444,598)


Five of them contain Ten Million Big Notes x1, and one contains Ten Million Big Notes x30.




  • Ten-Dimensional Domains: Stage 1 - Panel of Four optimized
    • The interval between each wave of monsters is increased by 60 seconds
    • The requirement to trigger Damage Boost Totem and Healing Totem is changed from exactly 8 players to 5+ players.
    • The requirement to trigger Teleport Totem is changed from exactly 2 players to any number of players.
  • Fixed the instance reset for Stage 6 - Machine of Reincarnation
  • Fixed an issue where the three Tier 5 Talent Statuses of the Faction Talents would disappear unexpectedly.
  • The Soul Container in the Ancient Lab in instance Dawnlight Halls will no longer suffer the Seal effect from skills. Its base HP has been increased, and reduced the percentage of HP lost required to start spawning lamps.
  • Soul Container in the Final Area in instance Dawnlight Halls will spawn lamps when it is killed, and also reduced its max HP.
  • More Tiger Gauntlet sessions added: A new race session is added at 15:00 on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Sign-up ends at 16:00, and race ends at 17:00
  • Coming of Age quest rewards modified.
  • Reduced the monster strength in Panel of Four and Ominous Dimensions
  • Follow action: the follower will enter flight or walk mode according to the target.
  • Quest Tracker: added quest tracking for some quests
  • Team member's avatar will be grayed out when too far away
  • Increased the max number of statuses shown for yourself and the target
  • Character Simulator has been updated
  • Removed the Horn broadcast for killing a Guild Leader in local server Battle Declaration.
  • In the Tournament, when fighting to get the Champion Chest, player's action might be interrupted by attacks.


Other Updates


  • Various Seasonal event quests have been added. This includes – the Bachelor’s Campaign, X’mas Carnival, Egg’s Family, Summer Festival (Includes – Summer Festival Family Dinner, Advent of the Lords, Adventure Land Uproar), Valentine’s Day Event, Lantern Festival.
    • NOTE: These quests are seasonal and will not all be live during the content launch
  • Adventure Kingdom no longer runs on an automated schedule. It will now be manually activated at specific times during the year!
  • New Gem exchanges and upgrades have been added – see image below

From left to right, top to bottom starting with new stones


Row 3 – Grand Origin Stone, Primogenetor Stone

Row 4- Glowburn Stone, Cold Essence Stone, Extremity Stone, Eastern Splendor Stone, Ancient Unity Stone

  • Batch opening for 999 Mysterious Chip packs has been fixed.
  • Version specific NPC’s have now been permanently added into PWI. This includes the following NPCs – PWI Ice Shard Agent, PWI Market Agent and Treasure Merchant Nosta.




System Specific Items

Astral Fortune Key


New Fashion (

Golden Splendor

Frost Hunter

Spring Rain


New Fashion (Female)

Nightingale Eye

Dancing Ripple

Peach Song


Fashion Weapon

Snowy Meteor (Series)

Valentine’s Day (Series)


New Mounts

Dog Prosper

Moby Rich

Snout of Treasure

Deer of Piety


New All-Class Pets

Peach Heart


New Vendor Shop

Business Dog


New Misc. Items

Transform: Runaway Bride

Transform: Ser Egghead

Transform: Silverlight Child

Rainbow Light

Angelic Halo

Angelic Wings

Demonic Wings

Firework: Full Moon

Firework: Merry XMas

Grand Origin Stone

Primogenitor Stone

Dustfall: Sculpt

Luck Pouch: Treasure

Luck Pouch : Prosperity

Luck Pouch : Happiness

Luck Pouch : Auspice

Wings of World Traverse

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