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Archosaur Open Tournament Series

By Lugia | Thu 19 Apr 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be having a new Tournament series, the Archosaur Open!


Sign-Ups Start: 04/19/2018

Sign-Ups Close: 05/03/2018


Head on over to the Official Forums to sign up your team!


When signing up your team you will need:

Team Name: This must be appropriate! No profane language, symbols or otherwise inappropriate content

Team Member Names In-Game: Please be sure the names are as they should be written.

Team Member Class: Please provide each team members class with their name. This is to make sure the balance of the team is correct and adheres to the requirements




  • Team of 5 maximum players, with 2 reserves
  • Team must be comprised of members from the same server, no cross server teams
  • Level Requirement: 100+
  • Minimum Cultivation Level: Sage or Demon
  • No duplicate classes
  • No more than 3 of a certain armor class type (Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Arcane Armor)
    Example: You can have a Venomancer, a Cleric, a Duskblade, a Blademaster and a Barbarian on the same squad. But you cannot have a Venomancer, a Cleric, a Mystic and a Wizard all on the same team. Even if you are running a different build or armor set, you are sorted by your traditional armor class type.
  • Reserves will not affect your main squad makeup when you sign up, but if a reserve would imbalance the team makeup, they will not be allowed to fight, so please pick reserve players carefully. Reserve players can not be duplicate classes of any main team classes.
  • One character per player. You cannot register multiple characters on different accounts into one team, even if on reserves. Doing so will disqualify the entire team.



  • All buffs, apothecary, Genies and other stat boosting items allowed (Including but not limited to : Runes, Glyphs, Emperor’s Spirit buff for Nuema Portal Set etc.). You may enter the squad with buffs from classes that are not present in your current teams makeup.
  • Use of flyers is allowed (no mounts)



Match Information

Matches and brackets will be organized and posted up on once sign ups have officially closed.

Matches will be conducted in a special arena.

Match times will be posted once brackets have been set up.

Matches will be overseen by a GM. If you arrive to your match more than 10 minutes late, your entire team will suffer a Game Loss. A second late match arrival for the offending team will result in disqualification from the entire tournament.



In the event that a player or players intentionally disconnect, the individual players will be disqualified. In the event that a team cannot fill the spaces left by disqualified team members, they may chose to continue the tournament or drop out.



1st Place

(All team members individually will receive the items below)

 Ultimate War Avatar Chest S x1

 War Avatar Chest: S x2

 Big Note Ticket (Silver) x1

 Soulgem Pack Coupon x1

 Ancient Gift x15

 Glyph Pack Lv 4 x10

 War Avatar Pack S x5


2nd Place

(All team members individually will receive the items below)

 War Avatar Chest: S x1

 Big Note Ticket (Silver) x1

 Soulgem Pack Coupon x1

 Ancient Gift x10

 Glyph Pack Lv 4 x7

 War Avatar Pack S x3


3rd Place

(All team members individually will receive the items below)

 War Avatar Chest: A x5

 Big Note ticket (Bronze) x1

 Soulgem Pack Coupon x1

 Ancient Gift x5

 Glyph Pack Lv 4 x5

 War Avatar Pack S x1



Please note: Registering an invalid team or otherwise providing false information that could give users an unfair advantage or otherwise disrupt tournament processes will result in your entire team and its members to be disqualified and barred from future Archosaur Open events. PWI staff reserve the right to disqualify players from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to cheating, using third party software to manipulate their gameplay during the tournament matches, coercion or collusion to determine match results outside of normal gameplay, and any actions that violate TOS.


Good luck and may the best team win!

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