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Marketplace Update

By Lugia
Wed 21 Mar 2018 01:00:00 AM PDT


A new category is coming this week to the Marketplace!


Starts03/21/2018 @ 01:00 

Ends03/28/2018 @ 01:00


 Fortune Keys will go on sale starting this week! Can be traded to Assistant Wang Tsai for Lucky Keys, which can be used to search for items in the Treasures interface. You can get them at the following quantities and prices:

1 for 30 Silver

10 for 2 Gold and 90 Silver

20 for 5 Gold and 30 Silver

50 for 10 Gold

100 for 18 Gold


Item Moves

Certain items will be making a move into a new category!

The following items will be moved to Misc. from their current category –


Red Envelope: Jade

Red Envelope: Moon of Wealth

Red Envelope: Monkey Greeting

Faction Rename Stone

Star-Reset Plate

Extreme Action Stone

Intense Action Stone

War Avatar Catalyst

Ancient Memory

Ancient Reminiscence

Ancient Longing

Ancient Recollection

Battle Invitation

War Avatar Treasure Box


The following items will be moved to Utility > Portal


Perfect Teleport Stone


New flyers are arriving at the Marketplace!


 Spana's Dreaming

 Eldritch Darkmoth

 Opalescent Kirin




 Frozen Wishes



Starts03/21/2018 @ 01:00 

Ends04/07/2018 @ 01:00


The following Fashion Weapons will be permanently removed for the Marketplace after the sales. They are all available 10 Gold each.


 The Ram Reaper




 Marskram Bow


 Carving Ram


 Battering Ram






 Greatstaff of the Ram


 Crushing Rams


 Wolf Slayer of the Ram


Star Level 1

 Undead Bulbfish


Star Level 3

 Sun Wukong’s Cloud


Star Level 4

 Ancestral Horror



Special Bundle Alert


Starts03/23/2018 @ 01:00 

Ends03/25/2018 @ 01:00 


Star 1

Buy Dragon Orb Bag before it’s removed from the Marketplace and get 50 Chienkun Stones FREE!


This special bundle costs 20 gold.


Where can I find it?

Navigate to the “Star” Tab and Find this bundle under Star 1


 And if you want to get more Dragon Orb Bags, you can pick them up for 5 Gold each under Craft > Refine! 

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