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Player’s Choice Cash Shop Voting – Player Awards

By Lugia | Mon 05 Mar 2018 10:00:00 AM PST

It’s time to shine!


Player’s Choice has come again and this time we’re putting a glitz and glam spin to this one! We will have different categories and awards for each item and YOU will vote on which item deserves the title!

These selected items will then be put on sale at a later date to be announced!


Voting Period Starts : 03/05/2018 @ 10 AM PT

Voting Period Ends : 03/13/2018 @ 11:59 PM PT


Here are your categories!

Mount - "Around the World"

Beast of choice wherever you go. Or just to show off on.


Flyer - "Fly With Me"

Go with me, free just like a bird. Wait, that’s a song isn’t it?


Fashion - "Straight Outta Archosaur"

For the Fashion that makes you stand out in the crowd.


Utility - "Adventure's Trunk"

Consumables, storage and smiley’s oh my!


Craft - "Where's the Blacksmith?"

For the (re)finer things in life.


Chance Pack - "99 Problems”

And Lucky Coins are all of them.


“Gold Slayer”

This item goes on sale and suddenly you have no gold left. Where did it go?


“Duke Blacke Shouts”

Item most likely to be shouted by Duke Blacke if he could


Ready to cast your vote? Head over to our survey link!




Nominate your top choice for each category! Only (1) selection for each.

Each category will have one winner and two runner ups, so don't feel bad if your item didn't get the top accolades!  

Winning items and the awards they won will be announced in a separate newspost!

Prices or duration of sale will not be decided by players-only what items will be put into the boutique.


Make Your Voice Heard!

Casting a vote will unlock free goodies for every vote threshold we hit!

  • 100 votes =  War Avatar Pack S +  War Avatar Pack C x2
  • 250 votes =  Ancient Gift
  • 500 votes =  War Avatar Pack S x3
  • 1,000 votes =  Ancient Gift x 2
  • 2,000+ votes =  Glyph Pack Lv 4 War Avatar Pack S x5


At the end of the voting cycle, we'll tally up the votes and disburse a code for everyone to redeem according to the tiers unlocked. These tiers compound - i.e. if we hit 500 votes everyone will receive War Avatar Pack S x4, Ancient Gift x1, and War Avatar Pack C x2


Good luck everyone and may the best items win!


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